Printing Methods

Your save-the-date card or invitation is the first glimpse of your wedding that your guests will receive. The print method you choose should reflect the formality or casualness of your affair. We offer a variety of printing methods to suit your personality, budget and wedding theme:


Letterpress gives you the option of using a wide range of paper, including handmade, organic and tree free. The classic feel and finish of letterpress papers take us back to an era of quality and craftsmanship that is not often found today. You actually see and feel the deep impression of the type into the paper. Letterpress provides an elegance and aesthetic quality that cannot be duplicated by any other printing method. More like an exciting gift than an invitation, letterpress wedding invitations always make a strong first impression.
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foil stamping

The brilliant colors of our foil stamping will give your invitation an unmistakable elegance. Foil stamping can also be done with matte foils, a preferred method to print on dark papers. Whether you want gold, silver, copper or another color, we can make your invitation shine!


Lithography/Offset is a common and affordable printing method. Lithography is simply flat, offset printing that is neither impressed nor raised.


Digital printing is becoming a very popular method to print large or small quantities of wedding invitations for a very reasonable cost. Some brides use a combination of print methods, such as using letterpress for their invitation and digital for their reply card, menu, or other items.

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