Tree Free Paper for Printing Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Sonoma County, C.A.- Tree free paper is produced without any virgin wood pulp. Created with environmentally sustainable, safe, recycled products, tree free paper reduces the release of harmful pollution and chemicals into the environment.

Invitations by Ajalon is proud to announce their usage of 100% tree free paper to custom print letterpress wedding invitations. "For the environmentally conscious bride to be, tree free paper provides an eco-friendly, alternative to traditional paper." says co-owner David Walrath. Available in all the classic colors, textures and sizes, the usage of tree free paper helps reduce the need to cut down trees to produce paper.

According to Rethink Paper in 2001, the "pulp and paper industry is the largest single industrial wood consumer in the U.S. and in the world." Made from different agricultural residues such as sugar cane husks and textile wastes like recycled cotton and linen fragments, choosing to print letterpress wedding invitations on tree free paper is an easy step you can take toward a healthier planet.

Offering equal beauty, unique textures with personality and the allure of going green, tree free paper is the only reasonable environmental choice when it comes to printing wedding invitations.

Invitations by Ajalon is a letterpress wedding invitation subsidiary of Ajalon Printing and Design and has been operating in northern California's beautiful Sonoma County wine country for over 50 years. For additional information relating to soy oil inks or Invitations by Ajalon please call 707-528-0288 or contact us

Trish Jackson
Marketing Director