Wine Country Printer Resurrects Gutenberg Style Printing for Wedding Invitations

Sonoma County, C.A.- Ajalon Printing & Design, a landmark among Sonoma County businesses, is working with the vintage art of letterpress printing. Creating a wedding invitation subsidiary called Invitations by Ajalon, they are employing some of the same letterpress printing techniques that Johannes Gutenberg used in the 15th century.

Branching out from their standard offset and digital printing operations, Invitations by Ajalon specializes in custom letterpress wedding invitation printing. Offering boutique style services with personalized designs and invitation sets, Invitations by Ajalon is quickly becoming a leader in the letterpress wedding invitation industry.

"Designing and printing letterpress invitation sets is very exciting," comments Ajalon owner David Walrath. "We have a chance to work one on one with brides and figure out their vision for the invitation, then we design and print it. Each invitation set is a unique creation with an extraordinary texture and emotion."

Letterpress printing is an artisan craft that involves making deep impressions into the paper's surface. When Gutenberg first developed his system for letterpress printing, he used a winepress as a model for his creation. While this printing process has become a little more mechanized, Invitations by Ajalon and their letterpress wedding invitations are a celebration of their wine country roots.

Invitations by Ajalon is a letterpress wedding invitation subsidiary of Ajalon Printing and Design. It is a family owned business that has been operating in northern California's Sonoma County wine country for over 50 years. They are featured on numerous online publications and have exhibited their work at several bride and wedding shows around the country. For additional information relating to Invitations by Ajalon or letterpress printing, please call 707-528-0288 or contact us.

Trish Jackson
Marketing Director