Hot Foil Stamping on Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Sonoma County, C.A. - The classic texture and personality of letterpress wedding invitations just received a facelift. Adding hot foil stamping to an invitation set not only adds a reflective, shiny surface that will impress your guests, but it heralds back to an era of true craftsmanship and artistic talent that is all but forgotten today.

Invitations by Ajalon, known for their artisan style letterpress wedding invitations, recently converted their Heidelberg letterpresses to apply foil to any invitation set. "The added charm and elegance that foils bring to an invitation set cannot be replicated by any other method." comments David Walrath, co-owner of Invitations by Ajalon.

Applying beautiful, metallic designs on paper is a procedure that dates back thousands of years. Today, printing with foil requires heat, pressure and a metallic foil paper that all come together to create a new vibrant appearance on any letterpress invitation set. Few other letterpress printers offer foiling with their invitations, making it more distinct and personal. Foiling can be particularly attractive when included with a monogram, family crest or code of arms and can be used to make elegant borders.

During the process of hot foil printing, a carefully constructed die comes in contact with the foil and presses a thin later of the foil film onto the intended surface. Both the foil and the surface it is applied to come in contact with a heated metal plate, causing the foil to stick to the paper in a predetermined pattern or design.

Invitations by Ajalon is a letterpress wedding invitation subsidiary of Ajalon Printing and Design and has been operating in northern California's beautiful Sonoma County wine country for over 50 years. For additional information relating to soy oil inks or Invitations by Ajalon please call 707-528-0288 or contact us

Trish Jackson
Marketing Director