Embossing and Debossing for Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Sonoma County, C.A.- Offering the authentic and traditional quality of religious texts and classic documents, embossed and debossed letterpress wedding invitations make a strong impression upon wedding guests.

Improving their letterpress expertise, Invitations by Ajalon recently began offering the ability to emboss and deboss letterpress wedding invitations. Expanding their already diverse and personal style of printing, Invitations by Ajalon has now taken their artistry to a new level. By becoming one of the few letterpress printers in Sonoma County to offer these options, Invitations by Ajalon is growing as the local authority in creative letterpress printing techniques.

"Embossed and debossed letterpress wedding invitations harken back to an era when paper was alive, textured and full of character" notes David Walrath, co-owner of Invitations by Ajalon. The classic look and vintage feel that embossing and debossing provide creates a distinct response and invitation quality that is uncommon in the 21st century.

Creating a physically stamped or raised surface into the invitation, embossing and debossing mixes heat, pressure and metal dies to generate their prominent look. Typically created using a Kluge or Heidelberg Letterpress, embossing and debossing combines a brass "male" die and a counter "female" die that squeeze the paper fibers into the intended shape. Together, these dies create a strong, well defined and decorative design. Embossing and debossing compliments invitation sets especially well when used with monograms, code of arms or family crests.

Invitations by Ajalon is a letterpress wedding invitation subsidiary of Ajalon Printing and Design and has been operating in northern California's beautiful Sonoma County wine country for over 50 years. For additional information relating to soy oil inks or Invitations by Ajalon please call 707-528-0288 or contact us

Trish Jackson
Marketing Director