Wedding Registry with LGBTQ-Friendly Companies

Marriage is a beautiful thing, isn’t it, and the wedding preparation is a good prelude for what is to come- tears, laughter, surprising twists and turns, and,  unfortunately, politics. So maybe there aren’t liberal-versus-conservative arguments regarding which wallpaper to pick or what style of pizza you should order (thin crust!), but there are life decisions that should reflect the healthy choices you want to make to support thriving happiness.

One of the ways to start out a happy marriage is to register for wedding gifts with companies that are gay-friendly. It is important to spend money where businesses are not only supporting gay marriage with marketing but are treating their gay employees and their domestic partners with the same benefits as legally married couples.

There are many local vendors that are LGBTQ friendly that are available for wedding registry. These businesses can be tracked down through Rainbow Wedding Network and Equally Wed. The vendor lists are extensive and include businesses of all kinds to offer everything from kitchenware to artwork to hobbyist pieces.

More major companies are coming forward with full support of gay marriage. This allows engaged couples to navigate through wedding registry acrobatics with ease. Here are a few of the popular companies that will be a joy to register with:

Amazon is the greatest place to register, hands down. You can find anything you want on their and the site is easy to navigate and understand. Anything from dishes to electronics can be purchased through the site and shipping is cheap!

West Elm, Pottery Barn, and Crate & Barrel are also fantastic businesses to frequent. Home goods and decor are found here and the looks span from modern and chic to homey and familiar. If you’re looking to furnish a new home through your registry, these are great companies to use.

If you’re looking for gift cards from apparel shops with good taste and gay-friendly politics, you might try these brands. Coach, Kenneth Cole, and Ralph Lauren are positive places to spend a buck without worrying about supporting discrimination.

Don’t be discouraged. There are a lot of businesses out there with positive messages and supportive stances to champion gay marriage. Don’t forget to check locally for more options and congratulations! Have fun getting hitched!

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How to Word Your Accommodation Cards

What is an accommodation card? Wedding stationery can get pretty confusing. Thankfully, we have the answers for you to help steer your guests to comfortable lodging. They’ll be relieved and you’ll have more space at the house to lounge around without a tidal wave of people using your bathroom for five hours or spilling wine on the carpets.

Often, the engaged couple finds a nearby hotel and rents out a block of rooms. What this means is they will secure a certain number of rooms through the hotel that can be rented for a discounted price by the wedding guests. The rooms will only be held by the staff until a certain date. The accommodation card lets the guests know where the block of rooms is located and when the date the rooms will no longer be available through the discount.

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The best way to word an accommodation card is by being straightforward:

For your comfort and convenience

a block of rooms has been set aside at

The Double Tree by Hilton Hotel

200 Marina Blvd

Berkeley, California 94710

(510) 548-7920

Please reference the

Suzuki/Tanaka wedding

to reserve the special rate

by April 23, 2015

This wording leaves no room for mistakes or misunderstandings. If there are more than one hotels, you may list those hotel names with the addresses and numbers in the same fashion.

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Good luck with your scheduling and we hope you the best of luck!

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The Decor You’ve All Been Waiting For: Centerpieces

You’ve already picked your wedding date, venue, invitations, and celebration theme. You know whether or not you’re going to DIY or leave the work up to the professionals. The day of the wedding approaches and the reality is gripping you and the ones you love. You’ve been day dreaming about, obsessing over, and terrified of the details of the reception you just can’t ignore: table centerpieces.

If nothing else, you want a little extra pizazz mixed in with the seating arrangements. It’s so nice to give your guests something to look at or play with during the down time between toasts, dancing, and noshing. Table centerpieces are a great way to express your creativity and honor your wedding theme, favorite colors, and time of year. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite looks that are both beautiful to look at and easy to assemble in case you’re DIYing your own wedding.

We hope you love these as much as we do. There are so many looks here: summer, winter, floral, rustic, and romantic. We’d love to know what kind of wedding you’re looking to throw and what inspiration you need!

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Invitation Suite Overview Part 4/4: Paper Choices

Our four-part series on ordering invitations has led you to our final installment. First, we discussed the standard invitation set, which includes an invitation, an RSVP card, and an inner and outer envelope. The next article outlined the various additional cards that can be included in an invitation suite, such as a Sangeet card, a map, or a schedule of events. Customization options were explained in the third article, offering choices in paper displays and invitation wraps.

Now in our fourth and last installment, we’re here to discuss paper and ink options. There are many different details that will ultimately decide the appearance of your invitation and how the invitation is presented. These are the final touches that will bring the wedding stationery together for a complete and beautiful look. Don’t forget to click on the pictures, they’ll give you more information about the letterpress designs and inspiration!

Paper color is the most important decision that will dictate most other color choices. The standard “white” colors are white, pearl, and ecru and they can come in recycled cotton, bamboo, or digital stock. Paper comes in a large array of more brilliant colors as well! Red, purple, black, and gold are just a few of the many options!

Want a bolder look and weight to your invitation suite? Order double-thick paper. Our 2-ply stock gives a stiffer feel to the invitation and leaves plenty of room for edge painting! Try gold leaf or a stain to make your suite that much more special.

A second paper layer is also a nice look for a pop of color. A contrasting or complimentary hue affixed behind the invitation card adds a border to the stationery that is eye catching and enjoyable.

An oversized invitation is another interesting way to display your wedding information. Unusual shapes and sizes are fun avenues for you to announce your big day. Try sending a square invitation, or a circle! The larger size of paper will certainly impress your friends and family.

Other options for playing with paper are rounded corners, blind impressions, and folio folds for a horizontal or vertical orientation.

This is your special day, so celebrate it with a unique invitation suite that says you! We hope that this invitation series has been interesting, insightful, and inspiring. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us! Email us at Invitations By Ajalon or call at (707) 528-0288 Talk to you soon!

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Invitation Suite Overview Part 3/4: Customization Options

Wedding invitations can always use a little extra kick to add that unique flair you want for your celebration. A suite can be as simple as an invitation and RSVP card, like what we discussed in the first installment of the four-part overview. The second article in the overview addressed the additional cards available to order, such as map cards, a schedule of events, or a mehndi party invitation.

We are now going to outline the customization options that can provide extra embellishments and body to the suite as a whole. These options, as we described earlier, is like the “wrapping paper” of the wedding stationery. Customization pieces either hold the invitation cards together, or add a little extra glitz and glam to the overall look.

Belly bands are an unusual and adored option for presenting wedding cards. A paper band is wrapped around the invitations and sealed in the back. There are endless options as far as colors, paper quality, images, and words. Messages, quotes, and graphics can be included on all sides of the belly band. This is a wonderful embellishment for your set.

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Pocket folders are beautiful enclosures that open and close to reveal the beautiful invitation suite and all its various cards. Many styles and colors are available to match your invitation style and colors. A folder tag can be included to clasp the pocket folder clasps together.

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Want to spruce up your envelopes? An envelope liner is another excellent choice as an additional detail. Dress up the inner envelopes or RSVP envelopes with an insert that matches or compliments you invitation design.

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Want to do a modern take on the classic inner envelope in a stationery set? Order an invite wrap. Much like a large belly band or sleeve, the wrap fits around the invitation and other enclosure cards. The paper can be translucent, bold, textured, whatever you think looks best for your set.

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Enclosures are very similar to pocket folders, since they hold together all the wedding invitations cards. However, they don’t have pockets themselves. Although they do serve to keep the invitation suite together, they are more for elegance and detail than they are for economical reasons.

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You’re now familiar with these incredible options, so start dreaming big! The choice is all yours, so have fun! To find out more about any other these customization pieces for the invitation set, contact us at Invitations By Ajalon.

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Invitation Suite Overview Part 2/4: Additional Invitation Cards

This is the second installment of our detailed rundown of the pieces you can purchase to create the perfect wedding stationery for your needs. The first article, which you can find here, explained the foundational requirements for a formal invitation set. This second of four parts we will be approaching the additional cards that offer extra information, such as travel information, a schedule of the day’s events, and any cards inviting the guests to additional services, such as the traditional Indian Sangeet party.

Additional cards for the wedding suite are a mix of traditional and modern invitation etiquette. Pieces like the inner envelope and the reception card are classic stationery options that follow formalities dating back quite far in Western culture. The map card and accommodation card are slightly more modern, since long distance travel and destination weddings have only recently become common practice.

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The inner envelope is a tradition piece that has fallen out of use. While the outer envelope has the guest’s name, address, and a postage stamp, the inner envelope simply has the guest’s first and last name. For more explanation regarding the difference between the two, we have a more extensive article here.

An accommodations card is a small piece listing the hotel or various locations reserved by the bride and groom for the guests to stay. Often, the couple will find a convenient and affordable hotel and reserve a block of rooms for the wedding guests. The accommodation card will include the name of the hotel, the address, the telephone number, and often the date by which the reservation should be made.

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A map card is an illustrated piece that includes a detailed map of the location of the wedding venue, along with the location’s address and directions to the venue. Because the map card is often smaller than the invitation, the map is a very simple illustration, mentioning only major streets and landmarks, such as rivers and buildings. A star or dot marks the spot! This additional invitation piece is extremely helpful, especially for unusual locations and guests who are unable to carpool.

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A direction card is very similar to the map card, just without the graphics. Often, the direction card has a few different routes to take, depending on which direction the guests are coming from.

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If a wedding has more that one event, it is extremely helpful to include a schedule of events card. Perhaps you’re hosting a cocktail hour, a welcome dinner, or a farewell brunch. The schedule should outline when and where the event will be held and what the event will be.

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The reception card is extremely common and very helpful. More often than not, the wedding reception is held at a venue different than the wedding ceremony. The reception card explains when and where the celebration will be held. Often there are people who can’t make the ceremony or who need to arrange transportation from the ceremony to the reception. All of this information is very helpful for the guests.

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For an Indian wedding, there are many traditional parties outside of the wedding. Many celebratory events precede the wedding event. A mehndi party takes place, sometimes during a Sangeet party. Both of these events require separate cards with the information for each one.

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These additional wedding invitation cards can certainly be helpful! The more layers there are to your wedding, the more information needs to be available to the guests! Don’t worry, each of our letterpress designs can be hand crafted to fit your invitation suite for a unique look. To begin ordering your additional cards or contact us with any questions, find us here at Invitations By Ajalon.

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Invitation Suite Overview Part 1/4: Standard Invitation Set

Ordering a wedding invitation suite can be quite a hassle. The options are endless and although that is normally a relief, the high stress of picking through the unfamiliar names and titles of accommodation cards, paper options, and curious ink colors makes you want to throw up your hands and leave it to somebody else.

Fortunately, We’re here to define the anatomy of an invitation suite. We’re splitting the information into four parts. The first is your standard, old fashioned invitations set. The second installment is a rundown of the additional cards you have the option of including in your invitation set. It is extra information for your guests such as directions, maps, and the schedule of events. The third article will outline the customizable details to spruce up the presentation of the invitation. It is the “wrapping paper” of the suite. The last piece will discuss the sizes and thickness of the paper itself and how to alter those choices.

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A standard invitation suite includes the invitation, an outer envelope, an RSVP card, and an RSVP envelope. This tidy package allows you to send out the basic and crucial information to the wedding guests and include an RSVP card that will make its way back to your home.

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The invitation often sets the overall tone of the wedding. It reflects the party colors and the wedding theme in motion. Hosting a ceremony in a barn? Choose a rustic themed invitation with rusty or earth toned ink and paper. If your ceremony is being held by the ocean, try a design with shells and lighthouses.

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The invitation should include the names  of the two people getting married, the date of the wedding, and the name and location of the wedding venue. The name and location of the wedding reception should be included if it takes place at a separate venue.

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The outer envelope is what the invitation is sent in. It is important to order the envelopes at the same time as the invitations to know that you will receive the right size. Envelopes can come in any color and can be blank, printed with return addresses and/or the guest addresses, or can be calligraphed by an independent business. Other options are to decorate the enclosure with wax stamps for an elegant look.

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The RSVP card is as important as the invitation! The guests need a way to let you know whether they’re attending the wedding. This card usually includes a place to check yes or no for attendance, whether or not they’ll be bringing guests, and whether they’ll be having the chicken or fish. The RSVP can either be presented as a card or a postcard. Either way, postage is traditionally included so the guests doesn’t need to buy stamps, so don’t forget to make a stop by the post office!

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If the RSVP card is not a post card, you’ll need to include the RSVP envelope. This is often self addressed and already with postage, only waiting for the guest to include their own return address. These envelopes are very important to order, since the RSVP cards are often an unusual shape and size.

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At first glance, this seems like a lot of information, but really it’s just three or four pieces to order. An envelope stuffed with an invitation and an RSVP card is all you need. a return envelope for the RSVP card is the only additional piece you might need to add to your order.

We hope this first installment has been helpful. If you would like to order invitations from us or ask any questions regarding the wedding stationery, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Invitations By Ajalon. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Wedding Day Spotlight: Drink Signs

An indisputable fact is that it is always nice to establish a bar at your wedding reception. A special flavor can really add the fun into any celebration. Whether it’s your own favorite drink or a home brewed specialty, your guests will be excited to try what personalized options you have for them. Weddings are a way to champion your very own style and the guests will appreciate a fun spin on what you have to offer for cocktail hour.

There are many different ways to display the drink options at the reception bar. A fun way is to play with chalkboard signs. Draw designs, rename your signature drink, and fix any mistakes with the easy-to-use blackboard sign. This is an easily reusable option and a great way to practice your creativity.

Another handmade bar decoration is a butcher paper sign with calligraphy denoting the different drink options. This is a fun and extremely low-cost DIY project. Having the butcher paper around will be a blessing. It makes clean up easy and is a great drawing pad for any kids at the reception.

A wonderful and formal way to display your drink sign is to order letterpress cards for an elegant look. The design options are extensive and there are beautiful colors to match the theme of your day, or the color of your drink! Don’t forget to order extra! This sign will be a wonderful keepsake you won’t want to forget.

For other drink sign ideas, visit our gallery at Invitations By Ajalon. We hope you’ll find these, and other wedding day items, enjoyable for your wonderful reception on the big day.

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To Change or Not to Change Your Surname after Marriage

The talented folks over at Peter Edwards Photography in beautiful Perth, Australia passed along their cool creation: a helpful infographic for the ladies! If you’re having trouble deciding whether or not to keep your own last name, it might help to take a gander at the different factors that will help you determine your future surname.

Peter Edwards Photography info

Thanks again to Peter Edwards Photography for this great infographic! We’d love to hear from any brides about what their decisions were and why they lost the name, or kept it!


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Keep It Local: Host Your Wedding at Home

The most comfortable and familiar place you could be is your own home. You know how to navigate the area, what time the neighborhood puts itself to sleep, and where to find an extra pair of shoes in case you step in mud out back. You know the maximum capacity of your personal space and you’re not afraid to end a party early when you’ve passed your bedtime.

So why not host your wedding at your own house? Sure, maybe you won’t be inviting all 200 extended family members inside your one-bedroom apartment, but sometimes the limitations of standing room, table space, and street parking can create an environment that will allow you to focus more on the special people attending your home wedding and how to have a fabulous time.

Throwing a home-based wedding doesn’t mean DIY! You can have your party catered, the invitations and decorations can be ordered online, and the photographer can be (better be!) a professional who knows how to work with the kind of light quality your home has. Have a friend or family member who has experience coordinating parties decorate the house and manage your personal items (ie make space!).

Think about things like whether you’ll want to have room for dancing, how many bathrooms will be available to the guests, and where you’ll serve the food. Don’t get overwhelmed! A party at home can be a wonderful and intimate experience.

Have you attended a home wedding? Are you planning one of your own? We’d love to hear the details!

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