Stunning Wedding Gowns from Across Asia

When it comes to bridal fashion, your options may be dictated by your culture. While here in the United States, the blushing bride may walk down the aisle in a white dress, embellished with crystals, lace or delicate embroidery, this is far from the cultural norms in Asia. Whether you are of Japanese, Chinese, Thai or Indian descent, your wedding gown will likely be vibrant in color, with elaborate patterns and details.

Below are some of my favorite bridal looks from around Asia. Take a look and tell me which is your favorite in the comment section below!

Traditional Chinese Qing dynasty wedding dress with phoenix headpiece

This traditional Chinese Qing dynasty styled wedding dress and phoenix headpiece is both beautiful and whimsical. The cool and warm tones make a huge visual impact.

traditional deep red and gold Indian wedding lehenga

Indian wedding lehengas are one of my favorites. The attention to detail, extravagant embroidery, and copious amounts of bling make for a dramatic look that’s full of femininity. This deep red lehenga is covered in elaborate gold embroidery and delicate bead work.

traditional japanese wedding dress black and red peony cherry blossom

Sleek, feminine, and full of tradition. This beautiful Japanese kimono is full of stunning contradictions. Dark and light, hard and soft, it’s almost as beautiful as the bride wearing it.

traditional Thai wedding dress gold pink and purple

This Thai Phra Ratcha Niyom, also known as a Thai dress of royal endorsement, is full of tradition and color. The addition of the large gold jewelry and accessories, including an elaborate golden headpiece, truly makes this bride look royal.

For more bridal looks from around the world, make your way over to our Pinterest board.

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Saying “Thank You” in Style

If you’ve ever played the part of a wedding guest, you know how much time and money can be invested in attending a friend or family member’s wedding. With travel expenses and gifts alone, it can make quite a dent in your pocketbook. So, when the bride and groom take the time to pen a thoughtful thank you note, it’s definitely appreciated.

Now that you’re playing the part of blushing bride, or dashing groom, the important task of sending out thoughtfully-written thank you notes falls to you. If you’re looking to tie your cards into your wedding day theme, consider ordering them when you order your invites, or place an order post nuptial in the same motif as your invites! Here are a few examples of both letterpress and digitally printed thank you cards that your wedding guests are sure to love!

fold over paisley thank you card for indian weddings

Hima is one of our more popular Indian designs. The red and gold digital printed thank you card is a great example of why. The level of detail on is stunning, and by going with a folded version, the design carries over to the backside of the card.

romantic letterpress golden vine thank you card

This two-color letterpress printing of our Rana design is beautiful. With this flat version, your heartfelt message would be written on the back side of the 100% cotton card.

custom letterpress tented marigold thank you cards

This orange letterpress printing of our Marigold design is folded, which offers the bride and groom with more space to write.

custom digital vineyard winery thank you cards

This two-color digital printing of our ever popular Caballero vineyard design is a little more personal with the inclusion of the bride and grooms names.

Interested in getting a quote for your fully customizable thank you notes? Contact us today and set up a complementary consultation! Keep in mind, if you order your invitation through us, you’ll receive 10% off all of your wedding day stationery! See our specials page for more information.

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Blending Cultures: Customized Invitations Designs

Are you planning a multicultural wedding?

The task of blending your different cultures and traditions can seem a little overwhelming at first, but the key is tackling one task at a time. One of the first items on every brides to-do list, your wedding invitations, is also a great place to start. By creating a custom invitation card, you’re able to show off you and your fiancées different backgrounds in a unique and beautiful way.

Below are a few ways our brides and grooms have perfectly incorporated their distinctive cultures and religions into their wedding invitations. Time to get inspired!

multicultural Vietnamese indian letterpress wedding invitation

Our Mai invitation was custom made for a Vietnamese bride and Indian groom. By incorporating Vietnamese lanterns and Indian paisleys we were able to beautifully display elements of both of their backgrounds. This motif has since become a favorite for other multicultural couples.

multicultural interfaith orthodox Indian letterpress wedding card

For some brides and grooms, displaying their religion can be as important as displaying their culture. This invitations shows both by featuring an Orthodox cross at the top of our Indian-inspired floral paisley Sunita design.

elegant inferfaith jewish hindu letterpress wedding cards

This three-color letterpress printing of our Baraat design was selected by another interfaith couple. They opted to display their Hindu and Jewish religions in a more unique manner by placing an Aum, or Om, inside the Star of David.

To learn more about how we can help you create the perfect multicultural or interfaith invitation for your wedding, please contact us today!

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Top 5 Favors Your Mehendi Guest Will Love!

Times are changing and more and more brides are thinking outside the box when it comes to their big day and the events leading up to it. If you are of South Asian decent, or marrying someone who is, your mehendi is going to be one of the biggest celebrations that takes place before your wedding. So push aside the idea of gifting ordinary bangle-walas and opt for a more out-of-the-box favor for the women in attendance. Check out our top five favors that we know your party guest will love!

1. Haath Phool

These delicate accessories are perfect way to decorate your guest’s wrists and hands, while you decorate yours. You can find inexpensive costume versions online, or talk to a local florist about making floral versions that everyone is sure to adore!


2. Decorative Pocket Mirrors

One of the most budget friendly and portable options, pocket or hand mirrors are a fun favor that all of your guests can use long after the party and wedding are over. With endless options online, you’re sure to find a handful of designs that fit the theme of your mehendi.detailed-hand-pocket-mirrors-mehendi-party-favors

3. Dupatta and Lehriya Scarves

Looking for another favor option that is sure to get a lot of use from your party guests? These long and colorful multi-purpose scarves are sure to become treasured staples in all of their closets.


4. Floral Jhoomars

These fan-shaped hair ornaments are usually reserved for the bride, but you can make all the women at your mehendi feel special by providing them brightly colored, floral jhoomars for them to wear throughout the evening. Imagine all the stunning pictures!


5. Ghungroo Bangles

If you’re looking for a fun alternative to the traditional bangle, these bold and colorful bangles are the perfect choice. Very popular in Delhi, they are growing in popularity in the states for multicultural events.


Do you have more other party favor ideas that I may have missed? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Creating a Menu for a Multicultural Feast!

At your reception, presenting a menu which represents you and your partner’s backgrounds is an ideal way to make your guests feel at ease and included. Though it’s impossible to appease everyone, offering traditional foods and flavors is a great start. Offering a fusion menu is also a great way to allow your guests to broaden their horizons by exploring new cuisines.

Although great in theory, the actually execution of a fusion menu may be difficult depending on you and your future spouse’s cultures or religions. So before you start planning, consider these four tips to creating a perfect menu for a multicultural feast!

1.  Be cautious of meat: Although it’s common to see steak as an option on American wedding menus, in several parts of the world, some proteins are forbidden.  In India for example, cows are considered sacred animals, so attempting to serve your Indian guest a beef curry would be highly frowned upon. 

indian indian wedding day dinner menu in burgundy and gold digital printing with elegant taj mahal borderSee more of our Vara design!

2. Make variety a priority: On top of providing an array of protein options, you’ll need to consider other dietary restrictions. Throughout most of India and Asia, religious beliefs dictate diet, so those who practice Jainism, Hinduism, and Buddhism, will likely require or desire vegetarian options. 

green bamboo digital wedding day menu table numberSee more of our Lucky Bamboo design!

3. Clearly mark your courses: Do your guests a favor by having the dishes identified into meat, poultry, seafood and vegetarian courses. This will prevent guests from consuming foods they shouldn’t be. 

hindu-menu-place-cards-traditional-padmaSee more of our Padma design!

4. Consider your cutlery:  Although a wedding is a formal event, that doesn’t mean that the typical fork and knife setup is the way to go. Throughout many South Asian cultures, it is traditional to eat with your hands. Also, if one of you comes from an Asian background, chop sticks may be an appreciated addition to your table setting. Be sure to discuss this with your partner when deciding on the reception menu and tablescape. 

Once your menu is set, it’s time to put pen to paper for your guests to enjoy. This is another place that you can share parts of your respective upbringings. Opt for a cultural design or choose to include a religious symbol. Our menus are 100% customizable to reflect the feel that you and your partner are envisioning. Interested in a free quote? Contact us today!

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2016 Oscar Gowns You Could Wear Down the Aisle

The Oscars are known for their jaw-dropping, elegant, and eye-catching gowns. The couture creations that appeared on last night’s red carpet were as bold and beautiful as the Hollywood starlets wearing them, but several of the designer gowns could easily translate into stunning wedding wear that any bride would love to rock on her big day.


In her flowing white Marchesa gown, Isla Fisher could easily step off the red carpet and down the aisle of an outdoor garden wedding. The soft floral pattern and open neckline give this romantic look a modern twist.

Priyanka Chopra 2016 Zuhair Murad Oscar dress

Priyanka Chopra looked absolutely stunning in her sheer dress by designer Zuhair Murad. Already in white, this intricately detailed gown is on point with the “naked” wedding dress trend we’ve been seeing all over the runways.


This glamorous art-deco inspired dress by designer Christian Siriano really makes Maria shine, and what bride doesn’t want that on her wedding day?


Although a black dress might not be the first image that comes to mind when you picture a blushing bride, it’s a look that’s been gaining in popularity. If you want a more traditional look, this dress would be equally stunning in white or off-white.

For even more amazing bridal looks, head over to our Pinterest board now!

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Cherry Blossom Invitation Designs

Symbolic of many things, including humility, joy, hope, and love, the cherry blossom holds great significance to people all across China and Japan. Encouraging optimism and the appreciation for the life that we have, it’s no wonder that this beautiful bloom is so popular amongst brides and grooms.

A great choice for your multicultural wedding, the cherry blossom can be incorporated throughout the ceremony and reception space, as well as with your wedding invitations and wedding day stationery. Whether you favor the abstract Japanese version, or the softer, more realistic Chinese designs, we have several options for you to choose from. Below are all four of our motifs, all of which are 100% customizable to fit the feel of your special day. From letterpress to digital, and with over 150 paper colors and countless ink colors, it’s easy to create your perfect invitation.

cherry blossom branch invitation in pink petal folio

Our Sakura design is one of our most popular cherry blossom motifs. With a Japanese art feel to the flowers and branches, it’s great for those looking for a traditional feel.

cherry blossom branches letterpress rustic garden wedding invitation

Great for multicultural couples, our Chisaki design has a softer, more life-like floral feel. The cherry blossom inspired blooms are airy, romantic, and ideal for a garden wedding.

digital cherry blossom wedding menu and table number

Hana is a the perfect combination of traditional and modern. This cherry blossom design is soft, with realistic touches, while still incorporating facets of traditional Japanese artwork.

asain bird red and gold cherry blossom letterpress wedding invitation

Looking for a non-traditional cherry blossom invitation? Ying may be right up your alley. This floral motif is done in a wood-cut style, and includes a beautiful songbird amongst the buds.

Please click on the pictures to see different variations of each of our Asian inspired cherry blossom designs. If you like what you see, or are interested in creating your own one-of-a-kind invitation motif, contact us today for a complementary consultation or for a free quote. Happy planning!

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Make a Statement – Foil Stamped Indian Wedding Cards

Are you looking to make a statement with the invitations for your Indian or multicultural wedding? Then foil is the way to go! This uber-chic print method gives depth, shine, and drama to your wedding cards, and opens the door to a wider range of colored and textured papers. Although we offer foils in a wide array of colors, gold, silver, and copper are the hands down favorite for brides and grooms alike.

Check out a few of our most popular foil stamped Indian invitation designs, and get ready to get inspired!

red and gold indian wedding invitation

The gold foil really pops against the red paper in this version of our Avani design, making it one of our most popular choices.

mandala copper foil and purple letterpress Indian wedding invitation

This copper foil and purple ink printing of our mandala inspired Wamil invitation is stunning. The addition of a copper second paper layer and purple metallic pocket folder adds to the drama.

sikh black with gold foil paisley wedding invitation

For their Sikh wedding, the bride and groom chose our paisley Devi design, printed in gold foil on black textured paper.

copper foil mandala wedding invitation

Our Lalita design looks more beautiful than normal in this copper foil and blue letterpress printing. The addition of the metallic copper second paper layer adds sparkle and depth to the invitation.

multi cultural paisley wedding card set blue paper gold foil

Naija has always been one of our more popular Indian paisley designs. This version with gold foil on comet blue paper is especially eye-catching.

To view even more of our beautiful foil stamped invitations, check out our Pinterest board! Remember, all of our designs can be printed in one or more foils of your choosing, and can be combined with letterpress or digital printing. Contact us today for a free quote and to set up a complementary consultation. Happy planning!

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Fall in Love: Valentine’s Day Indian Wedding Inspiration

Valentine’s Day is seen as one of the most romantic days of the year, so it’s no surprise that it is a popular day to tie the knot. Though it’s an Americanized holiday, it is still popular for multicultural couples. The traditional Valentines color palette is ideal for Indian weddings, which are known for their bold colors and bling. Below are some of my favorite multicultural Indian wedding inspiration ideas for couples looking to celebrate their love next February 14th!

Multicultural Indian Valentines Day wedding bridal party

This bridal party is dressed perfectly for a Valentines wedding. The red and gold, and pink and gold sarees fully embrace the theme, while the bride combines all the colors and textures flawlessly.

Pink and red crystal valentine sling back wedding shoes

I don’t care who you are, these red and pink jewel encrusted sling-back heels are show stoppers!

Heart henna for your valentines Indian wedding

Henna is an important part of a traditional South Asian wedding. It’s also a great opportunity to get creative with your Valentine’s Day theme. This bride opted for an ornate heart motif for her palms and forearms that is sure to blow her groom away!

Indian wedding reception decor for Valentines Day theme

This reception decor is so romantic and truly evokes that Valentine’s Day feel. I love how flawlessly they were able to capture the theme, while still incorporating the elements that make South Asian weddings so stunning.

Heart shaped valentines cookies with henna designs

Baked goods are always a hit at weddings, but these pink, red, and white frosted sugar cookies looks as beautiful as they do delicious. By frosting them with henna patterns, you can really make them fit perfectly into your Indian wedding.

Heart henna design for ring finger

Looking for a simpler henna design? This petite heart makes a sweet accent to this bride’s ring finger.

For even more Valentine’s wedding inspiration, head over to our Pinterest board.

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Bilingual Wedding Invitation Layouts

There is no better way to announce your multicultural wedding, than with bilingual wedding cards. This small gesture allows all of your guests to feel included and will give a glimpse of the multicultural celebration that awaits them. All of our designs can be custom formatted to display your wedding details in a variety of ways and in a wide range of languages. To date, we have printed invitations in Spanish, German, French, Italian, Hindi, Bengali, Tigrinya, Vietnamese, Arabic, Farsi, Greek, Polish, Hebrew, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Czech, Tamil, Chinese, and more!

Check out some of our bilingual wedding invitation formats below, and don’t hesitate to ask us questions in the comment section.

hebrew english bilingual letterpress wedding invitation

For our Jessica design, the bride and groom decided to layer the bilingual text throughout the invitation. For this format to really work, printing in two colors is ideal.

Bilingual Polish and English gold foil stamped wedding invitation

This side-by-side format is our most popular. For this gold foil version of our classic Sonja design, the bride and groom opted to print in English on the left, and Polish on the right. They brought it all together by centering their names in the middle. Beautiful!

bilingual chinese bamboo design letterpress wedding invitation

For this printing of our Lucky Bamboo design, we sandwiched the Chinese translation into the middle on the invitations. By choosing to print in the same green as the bamboo, as opposed to the deep purple of the English text, it makes it distinctive, while still looking cohesive.

bilingual Multicultural Wedding Invitation Letterpress Design

If the prospect of fitting all of your wedding information in two languages onto one card seems too daunting, you can always opt to print two versions of your invitation. You could also print on the front and back if you’d prefer. These digitally printed dual invitations turned out beautifully.

For more examples of our bilingual invitation layouts, head over to the bilingual section of our customization page of our website. There you will find a PDF with over 18 pages of formats and designs that we have custom created for couples over the years. If you’re interested in having us create a one-of-a-kind bilingual invitation for your wedding or special event, contact us today to set up a free consultation and get a quote!

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