$350 Digital Invitation Special!

Are you looking for affordable wedding invitations for your late spring or summer nuptials? We are currently offering a special on digitally printed invitation cards! Order before May 31, 2015 and get 100 invitation sets for only $350! Remember, invitations should be mailed out 6-8 weeks before your event date, so place your order now and give yourself plenty of time.


Send me my free sample of Chicago!

Invitation sets consist of a one color, 5×7 or 5×5 invitation, rsvp card or enclosure card, and blank outer envelope. Need a different quantity or additional items? No problem, you can add whatever you need to your base invitation set. (For an additional fee, of course!)

saikirthi-lg-06Send me my free sample of Saikirthi!

Here’s the fine print: You can purchase 10 additional one-color invitation sets for $16. No further discount available for quantities under 100. Both cards must be printed in the same ink color. Plus shipping and any applicable sales tax.

wamil-lg-06Send me my free sample of Wamil!

And just when you think the deal can’t get any better, you can combine this offer with our wedding day discount!


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Wedding Ceremony Structures

Structures such as chuppahs and mandaps have been used in wedding ceremonies for centuries. Though originally seen only as a part of Indian and Jewish weddings, the inclusion of a canopy, arch, arbor, altar or gazebo, is no longer so exclusive. In recent years, brides of all religions and backgrounds have started to incorporate these architectural beauties into their big day. One of the main reason for this growing trend is to add a focal point that frames the happy couple as they say their “I do’s”.

The options are endless when it comes to finding the perfect structure for your big day. You can chose to go simple and rustic by making or purchasing an arch of twigs, branches and other natural elements, or you can chose a more regal and opulent option with a canopy draped in fabric and covered in blossoming roses and hanging crystals. It’s just one more way to carry through the theme of your wedding day.

rustic green outdoor wedding ceremony alter

rustic lakeside wedding under Jewish chuppah

Irish wedding alter cross goblet green and gold

beach wedding ceremony under fabric flower canopy

pink Asian wedding flower covered arch

pink and green flower and crystal mandap

Feeling inspired? Head to our Pinterest board and see more backdrop options and find one that’s right for your big day.

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Fall 2015- Pantone Color Report: Oak Buff

The Pantone party continues with the addition of Oak Buff. This golden yellow hue will bring both a pop of color and a feeling of warmth to your wedding day. This sophisticated shade is perfect for fall, as it brings to mind the ever changing leaves of the season. The golden undertone adds a level of rustic elegance and differs dramatically when compared to the bright and bold yellows of summer. This color is most often seen coupled with a mix of deep reds and creams. However, you could easily pair Oak Buff with a vibrant orange or purple for your multicultural gathering, or with a shade of grey like last week’s color Stormy Weather.

Oak Buff is a mellow, comforting and warming shade that brings good feelings. Another one of nature’s illustrious shades, the golden yellow Oak Buff acts to nurture and comfort. – Pantone Fall 2015 Color Report

mustard yellow bridesmaids dress with red bouquet

golden peacock letterpress party event invitation setSend me free samples of Parikha!

Fall wedding bridal bouquet mustard burgundy cream

red and gold Indian letterpress wedding cardSend me free samples of Hima!

2-tier rustic naked wedding cake with berries flowers

elegant monogramed gold and black letterpress invitationSend me free samples of Cathryn!

yellow and green outdoor fall vineyard wedding

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Spring Inspired Tablescapes

Springtime is known for its stunning flowers in every shade imaginable, which makes choosing your wedding day color scheme all the more fun. The endless options can make an eye-catching statement on your big day if combined just right. Create a stunning and vibrant color pallet by picking a few of your favorite colors or by mixing different shades of the same color.

pink and silver party reception table setting

This bride chose to work strictly with pinks. By mixing bright and muted pinks, you can create a stunning and eye-catching monochromatic reception space. The addition of the silver vases and beaded chargers add an element of elegance.

floral candelabra centerpiece for spring tablescape

Add height to your tables by elevating your centerpieces. Not only does this allow your guests to talk more freely and an unobstructed view, but it also adds visual interest. This bride chose you mix orange, peach, cream, green and shades of pink to her floral arrangements. The addition of tall and short candles adds to the romance of this reception space.

pink, orange and blue brunch table setting

The decor of this table is perfect for a bridal shower brunch. By mixing elements of pink with touches of orange, yellow and blue, you can create a soft and welcoming space for you and your guests. Mimosa anyone?

bright pink and yellow tablescape and flowers

This tablescape differs drastically from the others in its boldness. No soft or muted shades here. This combination of vibrant yellow and hot pink screams springtime and the addition of the chevron print table runner adds a fun and modern twist.


Looking for some more ideas for your springtime wedding? Check out our Pinterest board for some seasonal inspiration.

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Fall 2015 – Pantone Color Report: Stormy Weather

The parade of Pantone continues this week with Stormy Weather. This shade of dark blue-grey is perfect for a fall or winter wedding. It is an elegant and modern alternative to the traditional and expected black. Pair this color with shades of coral, purple or cream for your cool weather wedding or add contrast to your spring or summer gathering by mixing it with vibrant yellows or greens. The choices are endless when it comes to integrating this Fall 2015 Pantone pick into your big day.

“Implying quality and luxury, Stormy Weather is a powerful blue gray shade that is strong, protective and enduring.” – Pantone Fall 2015 Color Report

groom and groomsman in blue grey tux

floral lace two color letterpress wedding invitationsSend me my free sample of Mantilla!

blue grey tablescape with gold and white

blue vintage baroque letterpress wedding invitation design Send me my free sample of Keri!

blue grey bridesmaids dress with yellow white bouquets

Asian modern minimalist design letterpress rsvp card Send me my free sample of Quon!

grey 3-tier wedding cake with blue flowers

Feeling inspired by this Pantone pick? Check out our Pinterest board for more ideas on how to incorporate this sleek and contemporary shade into your wedding day color palette. Happy pinning!


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The Truck Stops Here – Food Trucks for Your Wedding Day

If you’re planning your wedding or hosting a party or event, you know that one of the largest costs is food. Whether your event is in the morning, afternoon or evening, your guests are typically going to expect to be fed. Catering costs can range anywhere from $30-$350 or more per person and that may not include service fees and taxes. The three most popular options for brides and party hosts alike are buffet, family style or a plated multi-course meal. However, those are not the only options.


In recent years, food trucks have grown in popularity and created a rather unique and cost-effective trend by catering weddings and parties as well as corporate and business functions. There are several reasons why food trucks are better on the budget than your typical caterer. The first is the amount of staff required. When hiring a caterer, not only are you paying for the chef, but also for the kitchen staff (dishwashers and prep cooks), as well as wait staff. By hiring a food truck, you are only paying for the chef.


Part of the appeal of a food truck is that the options are endless. Do you and your hubby-to-be have a favorite taco truck? Or maybe you’re more of a fan of an Asian or BBQ style food truck? Talk to some of your favorites and see if they’d be willing to host your cocktail hour, reception or even just roll in for a late night snack to feed your guests that are working up an appetite on the dance floor.


Feeling parched? The truck craze isn’t limited just to food. There are several options out there for drinks as well. Hosting a fall or winter wedding and want to offer your guests a way to warm up? Hire a coffee or hot cocoa truck to cater your outdoor ceremony or reception. Enjoying a warm spring or summer wedding? Provide your guests a plethora of ways to cool down with a beer truck with a multitude of ales on tap.


Looking for a sweet treat? Dessert trucks are also on a rise in popularity, and I’m not just talking about ice cream. There is a variety of options to choose from. Interested in cupcakes or donuts? How about gelato or parfaits? Search your city and you’re sure to find something to satisfy your sweet tooth.


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Fall 2015- Pantone Color Report: Desert Sage

Pantone has announced their new color picks for Fall 2015 and we can’t wait to share them all with you. Last week we introduced Dried Herb and this week we are welcoming another earth tone to the party. Desert Sage is a cool and soothing shade of greenish-grey. The soft and airy quality of this color mixes beautifully with light pinks, peaches and yellows for a spring wedding or mix it with corals, browns or purples for your fall gathering.

“Timeless, yet at the same time stylishly powerful enough to make an impactful statement on its own, Desert Sage speaks to this feeling of naturally inspired colors that remind us of things that are real and not invented.”Pantone Fall 2015 Color Report

desert sage bridesmaids dress pink yellow bouquet

sage and brown letterpress wedding event invitationSend me free samples of Ashley

elegant gold sage and ivory wedding cake

curling green vines letterpress wedding invitationSend me free samples of Carmel

white and sage green party table decor

Indian green and black wedding card with pocket folderSend me free samples of Devi

groom in beige ivory and sage suit

Are you looking for ways you incorporate this beautiful color into your wedding or event? Check out our Pinterest board for more inspiration.


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Mazel tov! – Jewish Wedding Traditions

The Chuppa

Whether you refer to it as a chuppa, chuppah, huppah, chipe or chupah, this fabric-draped canopy is a staple in any traditional Jewish wedding ceremony. The chuppa stands as a symbol of the home that the bride (kallah) and groom (chatan) are building together. There is a lot of symbolism in regards to the chuppa. It always consists of four poles and has fabric draped over its top symbolizing four walls and a roof. In addition, all four sides are left open as a symbol of open hospitality. Though a marriage is considered valid in the absence of a chuppa, it is still thought to be a basic requirement of a Jewish wedding ceremony.

 chuppa chuppah huppah chipe chupah flowers outdoor Jewish wedding

 chuppa chuppah huppah chipe chupah flowers outdoor Jewish wedding

The Breaking of the Glass

The breaking of the glass is another tradition of Jewish weddings. Although its connection to marriage is sometimes brought into question, its significance to the Jewish culture is not. The reason for the breaking of the glass is to commemorate the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem some 2,000 years ago. Some more modern interpretations are that the glass symbolizes the fragility of love and that it must always be cared for. One of the more entertaining reasons given is that this is the last time the groom will be able to “put his foot down.” No matter what your interpretation, there is one constant – after the glass is broken, all in attendance shout “Mazel tov!” to wish good fortune and to congratulate the newlyweds.


 The Hora

After the bride and groom have been announced as husband and wife and the groom breaks the glass, it’s time to move on to the reception. One of the most popular traditions by guests and usually the most dreaded by the happy couple is the Hora. This tradition was started as a way to entertain and bring joy the happy couple (the king and queen of the evening) and increase the festivities of their special day. The bride and groom and invited onto the dance floor where they sit down in chairs and are then hoisted into the air by their guests while the song Hava Nagila (Let us Rejoice) plays in the background. It is also traditional for the couple to remain connected by holding a handkerchief.

hora Jewish wedding chair dance bride groom

hora Jewish wedding chair dance bride groom

Interested in invitations or wedding day items for your traditional Jewish wedding? Browse our invitationgGallery or check out our Pinterest boards for inspiration.

Star of David Jewish wedding day menu place cardSend me free samples of David!

Star of David Jewish wedding day menu place cardSend me free samples of Joshua!

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The Flowers of Spring

April showers bring May flowers, and that is one of the reasons why spring is the busiest season for weddings. The vision of being surrounded by a garden full of bright, blossoming flowers is not an uncommon one this time of year. From gerbera daisies to peonies, from hydrangeas to dahlias, your bouquets and centerpieces can overflow with vibrant, cheerful flowers in shades of pink, purple, blue and many more.

spring wedding reception centerpiece orange roses dahlias hypericum berriesThis stunning centerpiece of orange roses, dahlias, and hypericum berries is so bright and cheerful. It’s a burst of color that is sure to liven up your reception space.

spring wedding bouquet peonies sweet peas goldenrod pink peachBig blossoming peonies, stems of sweet peas, and sprigs of goldenrod make up this eye-catching and rustic looking wedding bouquet.

spring wedding bouquet tulips roses ranunculus peoniesThis breathtaking bouquet incorporates some of the most popular springtime flowers. Tulips, roses, ranunculus and peonies in varying shades of pink, peach and orange. Hints of blue make this wedding bouquet even more eye-catching.

Are you interested in incorporating springtime flowers or designs into your invitations? We have a wide variety of stunning wedding card options for you to choose from. See one you like? Click on the link below the image and request a free sample! We also have additional spring options that you can view in our invitation gallery. For more springtime inspirations, check out our Pinterest board.

spring letterpress wedding invitation floral fiestaSend me my free samples of Fiesta!

spring letterpress wedding invitation floral savannahSend me my free samples of Savannah!

spring letterpress wedding invitation floral passion envelope Send me my free samples of Passion!

spring letterpress wedding invitation floral adora laceSend me my free samples of Adora!

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Fall 2015- Pantone Color Report: Dried Herb

World-renowned color expert Pantone has finally released its picks for Fall 2015, and we here at Ajalon couldn’t be more excited. The first color on their list is Dried Herb. This deep shade of olive green was once strictly associated with military fatigues and safari garb. In recent years, it has become wildly popular in everything from mainstream fashion to wedding day decor. This earthy shade is perfect for your outdoor or rustic affair.

white wedding cake rustic leaf buttercream

letterpress wedding invitation green rustic pine tree Send me free samples of Olivia!

white green bouquet wedding locket rustic outdoor

elegant letterpress wedding invitation set green floralSend me free samples of Aubrey!

tablescape rustic garland candles outdoor wedding reception

green bamboo digital wedding day menu table numberSend me free samples of Lucky Bamboo!

olive green groom attire wedding tie boutonniere

Are you inspired by this earthy color? Check out our Pinterest board for more ways to incorporate Pantone’s Dried Herb into your special day.


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