100 Letterpress Invitations Giveaway!

Here at Invitations By Ajalon we’re very excited to announce a huge giveaway to help jump start your celebration. We want to help you save big bucks and so we are giving away 100 letterpress invitations for free!

This incredible content is a great package deal! The 100 one-color letterpress invitations come with 110 blank envelopes as well (we all make some addressing mistakes, don’t we?!). This will be a raffle-style contest so enter to win and tell your friends! We’re very excited get this party started, so here are the rules:

We love Pinterest. So much, in fact, that we’re celebrating our two year anniversary with Pinterest this August! So we would love to see inspiration boards.

  • Follow us on Pinterest
  • Pin the Invitations By Ajalon giveaway picture and create your own Inspiration board titled “My Big Day with Invitations By Ajalon.”
  • Pin one of our invitation styles to your board along with at least 12 other pictures of your dream wedding. We’re talking wedding cake, floral arrangements, groom’s looks, you name it! Tag us in each pin with @ajalonprinting
  • To make sure we see your board, comment on this blog with the URL to your Pinterest board.


We would love it if you shared this giveaway with your friends and followers! You can share this contest and our other pages! Just find us on Facebook, Twitter, or  Google+!!

Send Me My Free Samples of Amanda

We just can’t wait to find out what beautiful themes you have up your sleeve! There are endless opportunities to find your signature look for your big celebration.

Send Me My Free Samples of Happiness

What are you celebrating? A wedding, a bat mitzvah, a quincenera? Tell us, what inspires you? We can’t wait to hear from you!

The contest entry lasts from August 1,2014 to August 31, 2014. The winner will be announced September 15th.

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Our August Letterpress Special is Live!

We are so happy to announce a very unique letterpress special from our own hard working print shop! This month we will be offering 100 letterpress invitations, enclosure cards, and blank envelopes for only $649!! This is a price that can’t be beat.

It’s the season for celebrations-weddings, bat mitzvahs, quinceaneras, baby showers-and we are happy to help honor these festivities with a discount on beautiful handmade cards customized for your personal look.

Any of our motifs can be used for this short-run special. We have designs for beach themes, Indian-inspired celebrations, and vintage parties full of colors and illustrations made to make you smile. Don’t hesitate to peruse our gallery for more ideas.

The offer includes 100 5×7 or 5×5 invitations, 100 enclosure cards such as RSVP postcards or accommodation cards, and 110 blank envelopes. The cards are available in one ink color of your choice on our white, pearl, or ecru paper.

For more information and inspiration, contact us and we’ll be happy to get your invitation order started immediately!

Offer expires 8/31/14

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Ordering Invitations for Your Unique Wedding

As weddings modernize and break out of traditional expectations and roles, the wedding guest list has seriously changed as well. The whole family used to be invited, as well as friends, mentors, and neighbors. The ceremonies were overwhelming and therefore the invitations were ordered in bulk.

Send Me My Free Samples of Emily

Now, with the ceremony changing to more intimate settings and including a wedding guest roster that defies cultural expectations, the number of loved ones at weddings are, well, different. More than ever, engaged couples are traveling for destination weddings or hosting their nuptials in their small city apartments. The limitations of location and ability to travel have narrowed down ordering letterpress invitations to an exact science.

Send Me My Free Samples of Lakina

So that’s why we have updated our pricing tool to accommodate wedding parties of any size. Orders can be places in groups of 10, with our lowest order available beginning at 10 for your convenience. This allows for a more accurate count of stationery components to avoid overspending and cluttering your house while preparing for the wedding.

Send Me My Free Samples of Fleur

Don’t worry, though! We’re still prepared to take large orders. Do you have hundreds of friends and family attending? Do you need maps, accommodation cards, and a schedule of events? We’re ready to print your suite. Contact us for samples and we’re happy to prepare a quote for you at your leisure. We’ll see you soon!

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Off the Registry: Five Creative Wedding Gift Ideas

These days it’s rare to receive a wedding invitation without an accompanying list of stores where the couple is registered.  Even so, guests should not feel limited by the registry just because it’s there.

Because let’s face it, sometimes buying a couple a wedding gift from their registry can feel a bit impersonal.  And to some, it even feels like you’re merely going out and doing the couple’s shopping for them – it seems less like a gift and more like a required task.

If you decide to go your own way for a gift, don’t worry about the lovebirds not getting what they want – the vast majority of guests do tend to stick to the wish list.  So, if you’re feeling creative, don’t hesitate to jump off the registry; use your knowledge of the couple to get them something unique and particularly suited to them.

  1. Intangibles

By the time the wedding has come and gone, the newlyweds will have more new things than they know what to do with.  Why not give a gift that comes in the form of a memorable experience instead of another object that will be stowed away with the rest?

Here are a few great suggestions that will show how well you really know them:

  • A gift certificate to their favorite restaurant.
  • A gift certificate for a restaurant or special experience (boat ride, tour, etc.) they can enjoy on their honeymoon.
  • Enrollment in a class the couple can take together – cooking classes are particularly useful for new married couples.
  • A couple’s massage or spa day to wind down after the stress of the wedding has passed.
  • Tickets to a concert or show you know they’ll enjoy.
  • Membership to a museum they love.

  1. His and Hers

Some might think His & Hers gifts to be old fashioned, but they can be a very cute and thoughtful gift for newlyweds for whom the idea of being husband and wife is still novel.  To make the gift set most appropriate, don’t feel the need to stick to exactly matching objects.  They can be the same gift but in different styles that most suit the husband and wife.

  • Robes or Pajama Sets – Is there such thing has having too many fluffy robes or comfy PJs?  We don’t think so.  Get a matching set monogramed for a special touch.  You can do their names; “His” and “Hers”; “Mrs” and “Mr” or their pet nicknames if you know them.
  • Towels – It may seem like a boring gift idea, but high-quality towels (especially really big ones) are always appreciated, even more so if they’re customized.
  • Watches – A classic set of matching timepieces is both a useful and beautifully symbolic gift.  It brings to mind the passing of time, their shared past and the excitement of their future as a married couple.  Try to learn a little about their personal taste and style before picking out a set they’ll love.
  • Kitchen Items – If the couple is into food and wine, they would surely appreciate a set of matching aprons and wine glasses to use as they try out all of the other new kitchen items from their registry.

  1. DIY Delights

Often, the best and most beloved gifts are the ones we make ourselves.  Not only are these gifts highly personal, but they show that we invested our own time instead of just clicking the “Add to Cart” button on Amazon.  And don’t worry, you don’t have to be an accomplished artist to take on some of these simple projects.

  • Framed invitation – You may not know it, but the couple spent a long time choosing a wedding invitation that they loved.  Give them a reminder of their special day by framing the invitation materials.
  • Custom Coasters – Print out some pictures of them as a couple and use Mod Podge and acrylic spray to adhere the photos to simple white ceramic coasters. They’ll look a bit like Polaroids and offer a very personal touch to their home décor.
  • Map it Out – Frame heart-shaped cut outs of maps of significant places in their lives – where they’re from, where they met, and where they live now.


  1. Registry Variations

If you want to make sure to get something you know they want and need, you can use the registry as inspiration.  Take a look at their lists and then look for unique versions of those items.  This can be a bit tricky if you aren’t familiar with their tastes, so only use this tip if you’re confident that you know what they like.

People usually appreciate handmade or local items, so look for items that have been made in places that are special to the couple.  If their first trip together was to Costa Rica, try looking for a set of dessert bowls made there instead of going for the Crate and Barrel ones on the list.  It will be a lovely surprise and a special keepsake for years to come.

  1. Your Services

A wedding is equally stressful and exhausting as it is joyful and exciting.  Couples are often in need of some favors both before and after the wedding, so any gift in the form of your help is always appreciated.  Think about what you’re good at and what they’ll find helpful.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Offer to clean their house or run errands
  • Babysitting vouchers, if they have children
  • House/pet/plant sitting when they go on their honeymoon
  • Stock their fridge with a week’s worth of home-cooked meals after the wedding or honeymoon.
  • Help to address wedding invitations or thank you cards

We hope you are now officially liberated from wedding gift registries.  The next time a good friend or close family member is tying the knot, you’ll have plenty of great ideas for gifts that are far from standard or expected.

Just don’t be surprised when you get a thank you card dripping with gratitude, surprise and love.  Chances are, you may be one of the few who had the courage to go off the registry to give them a gift they’ll remember forever.

Author Bio:  Ed Bush is a managing partner at Barmakian Jewelers, one of the premiere jewelery stores in Boston.  With over 100 years in business, Barmakian is known for its personal, attentive service and customized designs.  Visit Barmakian to shop luxury watch brands like Tag Heuer, Omega and Breitling or connect with them Google+.

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Beef Up Your Immune System for a Fall Wedding

Summer brought the ten plagues of Egypt. Swarms of locusts, storms of fire (well, it was hot this season), darkness after a long night of partying. And certainly any wedding guest or bride knows how to survive the various health issues that come with summer. The holy trinity-sunblock, chapstick, and water (can I get a lemon wedge with this, thank you!)-is a no brainer during summer vacation, but what happens when fall begins to creep in?

If you’ve got a wedding to attend during this year’s autumn, you might want to take some precautions to ward off the diseases and discomforts that are blown in on autumn’s chilly winds.

The days are getting chillier, so the sweaters come out, the furnace goes on, and and the umbrellas open. Two of the bigger mistakes are the lack of hydration and the lack of sunscreen. Just because the weather is chillier than it was three months ago doesn’t mean you have less of a chance of getting burnt. Moisturize every day and throw on some sunscreen. Don’t forget to treat your hands, lips, neck, and chest with an SPF of 25 or higher.

Water and other hydrating beverages are important to consume constantly. The air is getting crisper and drier and six-month-old dust is being stirred up by your household heaters. You lungs do not like dry weather and will be extra sensitive to allergies without constant water consumption. Stay away from alcohol and heavy foods that are sugar-rich and dehydrating.

Eat a ton of garlic! Garlic is a natural antibiotic and will guard you against any cold or flu viruses. Add in spinach, broccoli, and a few tasty olives here and there and you’ll be boosting your immune system while also promoting weight loss. Iron, antioxidants, and calcium are just a few of the wonderful things you’ll be getting from these Super Foods. Cutting out sweet and salty foods will decrease the chances of getting acne break outs and canker sores.

Get some sleep. One of the best ways to bulk up your immune system is by getting some zzz’s. Your stress levels will go down and your body will be fully replenished to handle the day-to-day germs and illnesses that can build up and knock you down. Need tips on how to battle insomnia? Read more from us here!

If you want to start an exercise regime or a body cleanse, it will take six to ten weeks of hard work and focus to see results. Give yourself time, start early, and allow yourself to enjoy exercise and diet as means to take a break from the wedding. Think about anything other than The Big Day. Taking a break from the source of stress is good, and a healthy body starts with a healthy mind.

Do you have any home remedies or preventative steps to share to ward off fall sicknesses? Share them with us, we’d love to help other autumn brides and wedding-goers!

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New Bilingual Wedding Invitation Options!

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes, and we’re happy to say in all languages too! People from all around the globe are getting hitched and their loved ones are gathering together to celebrate this big event. Often, you’ll be facing the the decision of how many languages to include on your invitation and wedding day programs. Don’t worry, the options are endless, and no matter what language you need, we can accommodate you!

Send Me My Free Samples of Theodora

Send Me My Free Samples of Jessica

We have created invitations for weddings all over the world in languages that are beautiful and exotic. We love working with bilingual couples and are happy to address any needs you might have.

 Send Me My Free Samples of Rana

We have updated our Bilingual Invitations page and encourage you to take a look. These designs and languages are just a few of the wedding stationery offerings we’ve created with our clients.

Send Me My Free Samples of Sonja

Send Me My Free Samples of Fleur

Don’t be shy! Peruse our letterpress gallery for designs. You can turn any motif into a suite that is perfect for you. Want to see some of our paper goods in person? Contact us for samples and we will ship them out immediately. Here at Invitations By Ajalon, we aim to please, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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Dressed to the Nines: Your Wedding Day Aisle

There are a lot of things to dress up on the day of the wedding. The flower girls, who need to be wrestled into their dresses and kept away from black crayons and boxes of chocolate. The father of the bride, who switches between fussing with his cuff links and not being aware that he’s even wearing a suit. The wedding cake, which needs a fancy little topper of flowers and figurines. And last but certainly not least, the aisle for the wedding ceremony.

Leaving the floor and seating bare is a choice that you can opt for, of course. However, you might feel like sprucing up the aisle and there are droves of options to fit your big day’s style.

Are you holding a classic wedding? A chapel is romantic no matter how you look at it, and subtle lighting and flowers are so beautiful. You’ll really feel so lucky to have gone through the efforts and come out seeing your wedding venue as a manifestation of your love and excitement for this big day. Try a row of candles down the aisle. You can place LED lights in the glass decorations for a fire-free wedding.

Another lovely indoor wedding venue can benefit from overhead details. Hang large glass baubles from the rafters of your renovated warehouse location and add in some beautiful vintage chandeliers to set the mood.

An outdoor wedding can still be playful and pretty. A well-manicured lawn can get an upgrade with a pattern of flowers that is dreamy and unique. Hosting your wedding at a farm? Follow the theme and seat your guests on hay bales. The rows can be lined with rustic watering cans and native flowers.

Do you love the seasonal specialties? Try working in details that are unique to the time of year. Pumpkins in fall don’t have to be grinning jack-o-lanterns, they can create a lovely lane for a November wedding.

Ombre is in and it is here to stay. Leaves and flower petals can serve as the color combination that gives that fading hue quality to your aisle.

Tired of walking the same walk? Switch it up with clever seating. A spiraled line with a clearing at the center will allow your walk to be the center of attention. All eyes will be on you and the aesthetics will be unforgettable.

For a spring celebration, adorn your aisles with cherry trees. Your guests will be in a forest of pink and white blossoms and the whole wedding party will be framed beautifully among the boughs.

There are so many ways to play with aisle styles. What will you do for your wedding?!

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Staff Picks for Destination Wedding Locations

Every season is wedding season here at Invitations By Ajalon and since we’re handling couples from around the world, traveling is always on our minds. We’re sending invitation suites to Nigeria, England, and Fiji this week and the folks here can’t help but take a peek at, oh, say, the perfect weather in the tropics or the different constellations you might see if you walked outside and looked up on the other side of the equator. So we day dreamed a little longer than usual and shared our personal fantasy destination locations for our weddings (if we had to do them over again).


“Well, I got married in a trailer park so just about everything else seems pretty exotic,” said Russ, our letterpress mechanic. “I guess Peru sounds pretty wild.” No matter where you choose your location for a wedding in Peru- coastal deserts, towering mountains, lush rain forests- it will be a sight to behold. If you’re feeling bold, a hike on the Inca trail with your beau and a trustworthy officiant might pique your interests.

Indigenous customs are still observed in Peru and the wedding traditions are colorful, filled with vibrant clothes, painted food trucks, and a dancing parade of wedding guests that trail off into the night with beer and live music. We love the culture so much, we wrote about it in length here!


“Somewhere warm. And exotic. And not here,” our manager Trish said with her chin in her hands. Well, Belize, her final choice after a long list of beach destinations that had me daydreaming, is certainly exotic. With weather that is hot and humid year round and a lobster season that can’t be beat, Belize is a wedding location that oozes romance.

Don’t relax too much though, the weddings can get a little uproarious. The bride and her father don’t just walk down the aisle, they dance. Often a spirited and provocative dance, this display of energy and celebration is to show off the woman’s last dance as a single lady. At the reception, the bride is hoisted above the crowd in a chair while holding a bottle of tequila. Guests approach her and she must pour shots into their mouths when they ask. Sounds like a party!

Roatan, Honduras

Bethany faced a tough decision here. Our samples manager listed off the amazing places she’s been and settled on Roatan as her ideal wedding location. Sometimes I think world travelers have a more difficult time planning their big day. This Honduran island lies among the Great Barrier Reef and caters to scuba divers and adventure sportsmen who love ziplines, para sailing, and deep sea fishing. The wedding customs there aren’t notably different from the American traditions we observe, but with that much extracurricular activity to explore, who needs something different?

Vienna, Austria

“I would go there for anything,” our designer said instantly. Anni meant it and we’re already packing to head off to what looks like the most incredible location for a traditional wedding. Sigmund Freud’s Austrian hometown is also the place to be for a walk through the snow or a summery dip in the Danube. Try booking an event at the St. Stephen’s Cathedral to see the catacombs and the vaulted ceilings that add drama to your special day.

Austrians are a little superstitious, so don’t forget to incorporate a few customs into your ceremony. A groom’s boutonniere must be the same color as the bride’s bouquet to mirror courting traditions from Medieval Europe. Also, whoever makes the first purchase after the wedding will be the dominant partner in the marriage. Often, the bride will buy a charm off her maid of honor after the wedding to secure dominance.

Kauai, Hawaii

We have beach lovers here, what can I say? Michael, head of customer service, made no motion to explain his fantasy wedding destination. A twinkling in his eye almost made me hear ukulele music float lazily through the window. Kauai seems like such a classic destination location in American culture and I kind of love when folks still long to go. The traditional Hawaiian officiant rings in the wedding ceremony with the trumpeting of a conch shell and the whole wedding party exchanges leis to welcome each other into their lives.


“Uh, Iceland, I don’t know.” Matt, the shop’s digital printer, didn’t seem too interested in exploring other options. We chatted about the wedding traditions a little and he seemed satisfied with his hasty decision. “Riding in on a horse would be pretty cool,” he said when I explained that grooms often show up to the bride’s house on horseback to escort her to the ceremony. Drinking games were featured heavily for many years in Iceland during the wedding reception, which has now turned into “bread parties,” featuring coffee and cake rather than alcohol. A longer and more detailed post on Icelandic weddings can be found here, where I learned all there is to know about volcanic, Northern lights-laden weddings.

Monterey, California

Where would I get married? As the social media coordinator, I’ve talked to a lot of brides from all over and have witnessed some pretty perfect weddings in my day. I have to say though, I’d choose to have my wedding in Monterey.

However, it’s not the beaches, the forests, or the unique historical flavor that interests me. No, it’s the nostalgia factor, since my parents live there. I’m more interested in cramming my gigantic family into Mom and Dad’s backyard for some coffee and wedding fare, surrounded by the people I love. I’ll save the trip to Australia’s Brisbane for the honeymoon.


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Invitations By Ajalon on Instagram

This is old news to us, but if it’s new to you, then we need to talk! Invitations By Ajalon is on Instagram and we’re happier here than a pig in mud! Creating invitation designs is our passion, turning the cranks on our letterpresses is our delight, and taking photographs is our favorite hobby!

We’re always posting fun stuff on our account, like new designs, process shots and videos, and glimpses into the wonderful shop life we lead here in the Sonoma County farmland.

We like to let our personalities come out to play on our Instagram, so you can take a sneak peek into what makes us tick and inspires our designs. We love interacting with the countryside we live in and look at colors and shapes to work on new motifs all the time.

Want to connect with us? Find us at invitesbyajalon and say hi! You can also find our pictures on our Behind the Scenes Pinterest board and on our Invitations Twitter account! Say hi and let us know what you’d like to see more of. Don’t forget, we work for you!

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Blooming Boys: Grooms and Their Love of Flowers

Boys love to play, don’t they? And the wedding certainly isn’t an event they’ll stray from with their fun-loving demeanors. Ask the groom and his best man how they want to dress and they’ll be picking some wild colors and eccentric patterns. Let them pose the way the want for their pictures and there will be some goofy stances….and flowers.

Flowers are everywhere at weddings nowadays and the groom has picked up the pace with that style. Let him loose and see how he’ll incorporate the bouquets, boutonnieres, and bright colors of your wedding day flowers.

We love how playful these pictures are. Thank so much to the men who love to have fun. Do you have friends, family, or partners who can rock the bloom? We’d love to know!

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