Creating a Menu for a Multicultural Feast!

At your reception, presenting a menu which represents you and your partner’s backgrounds is an ideal way to make your guests feel at-ease and included. Though it’s impossible to appease everyone, offering traditional foods and flavors they are used to is a great start. Offering a fusion menu is also a great way to allow your guest to broaden their horizons, by exploring new cuisines.

Although great in theory, the actually execution of a fusion menu may be difficult depending on you and your future spouse’s cultures or religions. So before you start planning, consider these four tips to creating a perfect menu for a multicultural feast!

1.  Be cautious of meat: Although it’s common to see steak as an option on American wedding menus, in several parts of the world, some proteins are forbidden.  In India for example, cows are considered sacred animals, so attempting to serve your Indian guest a beef curry would be highly frowned upon. 

indian indian wedding day dinner menu in burgundy and gold digital printing with elegant taj mahal borderSee more of our Vara design!

2. Make variety a priority: On top of proving an array of protein options, you’ll need to consider other dietary restrictions. Throughout most of India and Asia, religious beliefs dictate diet, so those who practice Jainism, Hinduism, and Buddhism, will likely require or desire vegetarian options. 

green bamboo digital wedding day menu table numberSee more of our Lucky Bamboo design!

3. Clearly mark your courses: Do your guests a favor by having the dishes identified into meat, poultry, seafood and vegetarian courses. This will prevent guests from consuming foods they shouldn’t be. 

hindu-menu-place-cards-traditional-padmaSee more of our Padma design!

4. Consider your cutlery:  Although a wedding is a formal event, that doesn’t mean that the typical fork and knife setup is the way to go. Throughout many South Asian cultures, it is traditional to eat with your hands. Also, if one of you comes from an Asian background, chop-sticks may be an appreciated addition to your table setting. Be sure to discuss this with your partner when deciding on the reception menu and tablescape. 

Once your menu is set, it’s time to put pen to paper for your guests to enjoy. This is another place that you can share parts of your respective upbringings. Opt for a cultural design or choose to include a religious symbol. Our menus are 100% customizable to reflect the feel that you and your partner are envisioning. Interested in a free quote? Contact us today!

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Bilingual Wedding Invitation Layouts

There is no better way to announce your multicultural wedding, than with bilingual wedding cards. This small gesture allows all of your guests to feel included and will give a glimpse of the multicultural celebration that awaits them. All of our designs can be custom formatted to display your wedding details in a variety of ways and in a wide range of languages. To date, we have printed invitations in Spanish, German, French, Italian, Hindi, Bengali, Tigrinya, Vietnamese, Arabic, Farsi, Greek, Polish, Hebrew, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Czech, Tamil, Chinese, and more!

Check out some of our bilingual wedding invitation formats below, and don’t hesitate to ask us questions in the comment section.

hebrew english bilingual letterpress wedding invitation

For our Jessica design, the bride and groom decided to layer the bilingual text throughout the invitation. For this format to really work, printing in two colors is ideal.

Bilingual Polish and English gold foil stamped wedding invitation

This side-by-side format is our most popular. For this gold foil version of our classic Sonja design, the bride and groom opted to print in English on the left, and Polish on the right. They brought it all together by centering their names in the middle. Beautiful!

bilingual chinese bamboo design letterpress wedding invitation

For this printing of our Lucky Bamboo design, we sandwiched the Chinese translation into the middle on the invitations. By choosing to print in the same green as the bamboo, as opposed to the deep purple of the English text, it makes it distinctive, while still looking cohesive.

bilingual Multicultural Wedding Invitation Letterpress Design

If the prospect of fitting all of your wedding information in two languages onto one card seems too daunting, you can always opt to print two versions of your invitation. You could also print on the front and back if you’d prefer. These digitally printed dual invitations turned out beautifully.

For more examples of our bilingual invitation layouts, head over to the bilingual section of our customization page of our website. There you will find a PDF with over 18 pages of formats and designs that we have custom created for couples over the years. If you’re interested in having us create a one-of-a-kind bilingual invitation for your wedding or special event, contact us today to set up a free consultation and get a quote!

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DIY Your Bridal Bouquet!

Most women dream of their wedding from the time they’re little girls, while others don’t start dreaming until it’s time to actually start planning. That unfortunately, is often when the beautiful dream bubble bursts, and reality seeps in. The reality that I’m speaking of comes in the form of a budget. Weddings are expensive, and that dream wedding that you’ve been pining for years, is often times unrealistic. Or, as I’ve so perfectly heard it said, “I discovered I am actually planning two weddings – the one inspired by Pinterest, and the one I can actually afford.” However, just because your vision is bigger than your budget, doesn’t mean you can DIY your way to your wedding.

One place where it’s easy to get carried away is with your flowers. A bridal bouquet can easily set you back between $100-$300, and your bridesmaid’s bouquets could range from $50-$150 a piece. By opting to make your own bouquets, you can save yourself hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

PicMonkey Collage

I personally made all of the flowers for my wedding back in 2009, including all of the bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces, and spent only a few hundred dollars. I did this by purchasing my flowers wholesale from a local flower market, and watching several “how-to” videos on YouTube. By making my own wedding flowers, I was able to splurge a little on other things, like my dream dress.

Check out the “how-to” video below, and learn how to stay on budget by make your own bouquets.

For even more DIY and wedding planning ideas, check out our Pinterest page. Happy planning!

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Indian Wine Country Weddings

Being from Sonoma County, I’m partial to wine country weddings. Growing up surrounded by row upon row of grape vines from Healdsburg and Napa, it’s not surprising that people travel from all over the United States to get married amongst the vineyards. Whether it’s a late summer wedding with grape clusters dripping off the bright green vines, or a fall celebration with the leafs in shades of yellow, orange, and red, every season provides a stunning backdrop.

For an Indian wedding, a wine country wedding is a great choice. With nature being so important throughout South Asia, the lush feel of the vineyard pairs beautifully with all of the other floral elements found throughout an Indian wedding.

Check out this stunning Napa Valley wedding below for an example of what wine country has to offer!

Indian destination wine country wedding napa california

In traditional wedding garb, this love-struck couple snaps a few photos in the vineyard.

Indian ganesha stature destination wine country wedding napa

Incorporate your culture and your religion into your destination wedding to make it more personal. This Ganesha statue was included in the couples ceremony space.

Latika and Sunil Indian destination wine country wedding napa

Latika and Sunil held their wedding under a fabric covered mandap, surrounded by family, friends and Napa Valley vineyards.

Indian ceremony wine country wedding napa california

At the end of the ceremony, the couple was showered in flower petals. Let the celebration begin!

Indian destination vineyard wedding napa california

After changing into their reception clothes, the bride and groom enjoyed a photo-op in the vineyard, just as the sun began to set. Stunning!

Indian reception in wine cave wine country wedding napa california

One of the perks of a wine country wedding, is all of the gorgeous venues that are available to you. This wine cave at the Meritage Resort and Spa in Napa, fitted with chandeliers and wall sconces, is perfect for a romantic reception.

Indian wedding reception wine country wedding napa california

This party is ready to begin! The bride and groom have made their grand entrance into the estate cave, and the celebration has officially started!

For more wine country wedding inspiration, visit our Pinterest {style} vineyard board. If it’s wedding stationery your in the market for, head over to our invitation gallery to see all the designs we have to offer. Whether you’re looking for invitations or wedding day items like menus or place cards, we have what you’re looking for! Contact us today for a free quote or to set us a complementary consultation.

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Affordable Letterpress Special!

Now that the holidays have come and gone, it’s time for all of you new brides-to-be to start your wedding planning. With that in mind, we’ve decided to extend our popular letterpress special! Letterpress is one of the most sought after print methods for timeless and elegant wedding and event invitations, but finding high quality and affordable designs can be difficult. With this $599 special, you’re sure to find a wedding card that’s perfect for your special day.

red letterpress indian save the date

All of our invitations can be printed in a Pantone color of your choice, using our low-VOC, soy-based inks (aka, earth-friendly inks!). If you’re still narrowing down your color palette, we’ll happily send you samples with an assortment of shades in the color or colors of your choice.

mandala inspired indian south asian letterpress invitations

What’s included in our $599 invitation special you ask? It comes with 100 one-color letterpress invitations, 100 one-color insert cards, and 110 blank envelopes. In the market for more than 100 invitation sets? We have you covered! You can order additional invitation sets (invitation, insert, and envelope) in increments of 10 for only $24.


For your insert card, you can choose an RSVP card or postcard, reception card, accommodation card, mehndi or sangeet invitation, etc. In need of RSVP envelopes or additional inserts? You can add additional items to your letterpress invitation special for an additional fee.


This amazing letterpress special can also be combined with our wedding day discount, which gives you an additional 10% off your day-of stationery. So, if you’re in the market for place cards, menusprograms and more, we can print what you need in the same design as your invitation suite. Contact us today for a free quote and visit our specials page for more details.

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Indian Brides Bring the Bling!

One thing I love about Indian weddings is that the couples don’t seem to shy away from bling. In fact, they tend to embrace it! From bead-covered lehengas, to crystal-covered floral arrangements, Indian weddings redefine opulence and glamour. Check out some of my favorite blinding beautiful, blinged-out fashion, decor, and invitation trends that have made it to the top of my Pinterest boards.

crystal covered white gold and cream Indian wedding lehenga

This cream, champagne, and gold lehenga is covered head to toe in bling! The attention to detail, amount of embroidery, and crystal embellishments are jaw-dropping.

lacy foil wedding suite pocket folder mantilla

Our lacy Mantilla invitation card is always stunning, but this bilingual, gold-foil printing takes it to a whole other level. The addition of the gold leaf pocket folder adds to the opulence of the suite.

crystal covered platform peep toe heals South Asian bride

These champagne colored satin, peep-toe, platform heels are drool worthy! The crystal embellishments add to the wow factor.

elegant gold foil rounded corners bilingual invitation

Our Sonja invitation is elegant in its simplicity. However, simple doesn’t have to mean boring! This bride and groom opted to foil stamp their bilingual invitations, and finish them off with round corners and gold edge painting. Gorgeous!

gold mandap with crystal vase and flowers

This ceremony space is floor-to-ceiling bling. The ornately carved, gold painted mandap is stunning all on its own, but the addition of the glass vase, dripping with crystals and flowers, capped off with a crystal orb, brings it to a whole other level!


Our Hima invitation is always a crowd pleaser, but this gold foil version is hands down my favorite! The invitation is printed on rich, pomegranate matte paper, and the envelope is rocking the gold-on-gold with gold metallic paper.

golden horn centerpiece dripping with crystals and flowers

Looking for something a little unexpected for your reception space? These golden horns, dripping with crystals and flowers is dramatic and eye-catching.

Are you looking for a blinged-out invitation card for your upcoming wedding? Head over to our Indian Invitation Gallery to view of our designs, all of which can be foil stamped, edge painted, and/or printed on metallic stock for a truly glitzy custom look. Contact us today for a free quote or to schedule a complementary consultation. Happy planning!

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A Mix of Cultures: Foil Stamped Multicultural Wedding Invitation

Breathtaking Foil Invitations for your Multicultural Wedding

Do you and your fiancé come from two completely different sides of the world? Or maybe you come from similar places, with completely different cultures and traditions? No matter what your back story, multicultural weddings are simply amazing. One place where you can pay homage to your cultural diversity, is with your wedding invitations. Whether you opt to print bilingual invitations so all of your friends and family feel included, or if you simply wish to include cultural or religious symbols, the options are only limited by your imagination.

If you’re looking to put your own unique stamp (pun intended) on your invitation suite, you’ll love these stunning foil-stamped cards!

multicultural gold foil lace wedding cards envelope liner

Our Mantilla looks beautiful with any print method, but this bilingual, gold foil stamped version is breathtaking. The vintage lace motif really sparkles, and the addition of the gold-on-gold digital envelope liner takes it to a whole other level.

multicultural copper foil mandala wedding card in pocket folder

In the short time since we released our Wamil design, we’ve printed it in nearly every print combination. Although this design lends itself to creativity, this combination of purple letterpress and copper foil, which we printed for multicultural couple Caoimhe and Darren, still remains my favorite.

classic edge painted foil polish bilingual invitations

For their English-Polish bilingual invitation, Heather and Lew opted for our simplistic and classic Sonja design. By printing with gold foil, and adding several customizations including, thick paper, round cornering and edge painting, they created an opulent invitation that surely impressed.

gold foil stamped multicultural paisley wedding card set

For multicultural couple Kavita and Steve, our traditional Indian Naija design was a big winner. This paisley motif is already formal and elegant, but it was made even more so when they opted to print using gold foil, on comet blue paper.

Looking for the perfect invitation design for your multicultural wedding? Head over to our Invitation Gallery to see everything we have to offer. Interested in creating a custom, one-of-a-kind motif for your wedding cards? We can help you with that too. We have a graphic designer on staff that will make your vision a reality. Contact us today for a free quote and to schedule a consultation!

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Great Gatsby Inspired New Year’s Eve Nuptials!

“A little party never killed nobody!”

There are few things more glamorous than a New Year’s Eve wedding. However, if you add a little Gatsby flair into your New Year’s Eve nuptials, you’re sure to throw a party to die for! There is no lack of opulence with this theme, so don’t shy away from the “go big or go home” mentality. The is one time in your life that you can’t overdo the gold and bling!

Try these looks for your unforgettable event.

new years wedding noicemaker escort cards

Use your escort card table as an opportunity to get creative, like with these New Year’s Eve noisemakers.

chicago art-deco gold and black invitations

Our Chicago motif is the perfect design for your Great Gatsby inspired, New Year’s Eve wedding. This gold foil printing on black silk paper is extremely opulent, and is sure to impress when your guests open your art-deco lined envelopes!


This tinsel-covered bar is just screaming for a good time! Though this one is adorned with black, white, silver, and gold tinsel, you could opt to cover your bar with a simpler all-gold, or gold and black color palette to fit your Gatsby theme.

great gatsby themed business gala invitation

Interested in jazzing up your letterpress invitation suite for your Gatsby wedding? This gold metallic printing is made even more gorgeous when paired with our gold leaf pocket folder!

signiture champagne cocktail new years eve wedding

All that glitters is gold! At least when it comes to this glass of bubbly! The festive gold, sparkler-inspired, stir sticks are a great finishing touch!

Digital gold and black great Gatsby wedding day items

Incorporate your theme and invitation design into your reception space with digital menus, place cards and table numbers! The antique gold metallic paper is sure to add some sparkle to your tablescape.

balloon drop at midnight new years eve wedding

When the clock strikes midnight, surprise your guests by showering them in balloons! This is another way to tie in your color scheme, and the fun factor of a true Gatsby party.

How are you going to celebrate your New Year’s Eve? These are just a few of the many classic New Years looks for you and your wedding guests. Have fun and don’t forget that midnight kiss! If you need more inspiration for the big day, visit our holiday Pinterest page for a handful of beautiful ideas we know you’ll love!

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Custom Letterpress and Digital Thank You Cards

If you’ve ever played the part of a wedding guest, you know how much time and money can be invested in attending a friend or family members wedding. With travel expenses and gifts alone, it can make quite a dent in your pocketbook. So, when the bride and groom take the time to pen a thoughtful thank you note, it’s definitely appreciated.

Now that you’re playing the part of blushing bride, or dashing groom, the important task of sending out thoughtfully-written thank you notes falls to you. If you’re looking to tie your cards into your wedding day theme, consider ordering them when you order your invites, or place an order post nuptial in the same motif as your invites! Here are a few examples of both letterpress and digitally printed thank you cards that your wedding guests are sure to love!

romantic letterpress golden vine thank you card

This two-color letterpress printing of our Rana design is beautiful. With this flat version, your heartfelt message would be written on the back side of the 100% cotton card.

custom digital vineyard winery thank you cards

This two-color digital printing of our ever popular Caballero vineyard design is a little more personal with the inclusion of the bride and grooms names.

custom letterpress tented marigold thank you cards

This orange letterpress printing of our Marigold design is tented, which offers the bride and groom with more space to write.

fold over paisley thank you card for indian weddings

Hima is one of our more popular Indian designs. The red and gold digital printed thank you card is a great example of why. The level of detail on is stunning, and by going with a tented version, the design carries over to the backside of the card.

Interested in getting a quote for your fully customizable thank you notes? Contact us today and set up a complementary consultation! Keep in mind, if you order your invitation through us, you’ll receive 10% off all of your wedding day stationery! See our specials page for more information.

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Frozen Festivities: Winter Themed Quinceañera

Tomorrow is the first day of winter, which means winter themed parties are upon us. If it’s a quinceañera or a sweet 16 that you’re planning, then now’s the time to let your creative side shine! If you’re looking to create a white winter wonderland, then you’re in luck! This week I’ve compiled a few of my favorite snow-themed decor ideas that are sure to blow your guests away.

So toss some marshmallows in your cocoa and stoke the fire, it’s time to get inspired by these chilly winter party ideas!

Frozen snow covered trees and arch entrance quinceanera

If you’re looking to get your guests excited the moment they walk in the door, then an elaborate entryway is a smart investment. This snowy staircase welcomes guests and prepares them for the over-the-top party that awaits them!

chantilly lace snowflake quinceanera party invitation

Our Chantilly invitation suite is sprinkled with lacy snowflakes. You can easily downplay the lace, and play-up the powder, for a truly flurry-filled invite!

snow flake themed blue and white quinceanera centerpieces

These snow themed centerpieces definitely bring the bling! From the crystal ribbon, to the silver-sparkle encrusted flakes, they are perfect to tie your white winter theme into your tablescapes.

blue snowflake custom letterpress invitation envelopes

This custom letterpress envelope is covered in an array of snowflake designs. No two should be alike, or so they say!

crystal snow flake candy table for winter quniceanera

If you’re toying with the idea of offering a sweets table at your party, consider incorporating your winter theme with the addition of crystal encrusted snowflakes and blue-glitter ribbon around your apothecary jars.

custom winter wonderland letterpress snowflake belly bands

Looking for a fun way to customize your party invitations? Belly bands are a beautiful and inexpensive way to tie your whole suite together.

white and blue icicle snowflake cake winter quinceanera

This three-tier cake is perfect for your winter-themed party. Covered in edible glitter, icicles, and sugar snowflakes, it’s sure to give your guests chills!

If you’d like to see more quinceañera themes and other decor ideas, check out our Pinterest board. Interested in ordering your own custom invitation suite for special day? Contact us today for a free quote, or to order samples!

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