Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue

“Something old,
something new,
something borrowed,
something blue,
and a silver sixpence in her shoe.”

This Old English rhyme has been influencing brides for nearly 150 years. These “somethings” are meant to symbolize tokens the bride is meant to wear, or carry with her on her wedding day for good luck. Though not all of you may be believers in lucky charms, this tradition is also a fun way to personalize your wedding day look, and incorporate pieces of family history into your special day.

Here is a breakdown of the Four Somethings, and ways you can incorporate them into your big day!

Something Old

Something old represents continuity. This is meant to be a link to your own family. It’s a way of incorporating a piece of your family’s past into your big day.

How to incorporate it: This is often a time that your mother or grandmother will pass down a piece of family jewelry. This may be a pearl bracelet, antique locket or diamond earring. Sometimes it is something they themselves wore on their wedding day, and feel it will bring you the same luck it brought them. It could also be their dress or a piece of their dress. It’s not uncommon to incorporate a piece of vintage lace from a loved one’s dress into your own dress or use it as an accessory.


Something New

Something new offers optimism for the future. It’s meant to represent hope and success for a bright future in your married life.

How to incorporate it: This tends to be the easiest of the four and the most common choice for “something new” is often the dress itself. However, if you opted to wear your mother’s dress, or borrow a dress from a friend, you’ll need to go shopping! As I said, this one is easy. Whether you choose to splurge on new shoes or a piece of statement jewelry, your something new is a wonderful way to express your personal taste.

red bottom crystal shoes for something new

Something Borrowed

Something borrowed symbolizes borrowed happiness. This represents your support system, and the knowledge that your loved ones will be there for you on your special day, and into the future. The concept of borrowing something may seem simple enough; however, the rule with this item is that it needs to come from a happily-married woman.

How to incorporate it: A very popular item to borrow is a veil. This tends to be a one-size-fits-all item and is generally timeless in its design. Not planning to wear a veil on your wedding day? This would be an excellent time to ask your grandmother to borrow her vintage hairpiece, brooch or tennis bracelet.

vintage broach in bouquet for something borrowed

Something Blue

Something blue stands for purity, love, fidelity and loyalty.

How to incorporate it: Most brides chose to incorporate their “something blue” with their garter. This however, is not your only option. Nowadays, brides are getting creative and finding new ways to work this colorful tradition into their wedding day attire. A few of my favorites, which you’re more than welcome to steal, include blue statement shoes, a pair of sapphire earrings or sewing something into your dress with blue thread.


As for the “sixpence in her shoe,” this is a part of the rhyme that is more difficult to incorporate as it leaves no wiggle room, and few of us have access to a sixpence. However, if you’re able to find one, then you could be the future source of “something borrowed” for friends and family. We’d love to hear how you plan to incorporate your somethings into your wedding day. Creativity is encouraged!

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Staff Picks – South Asian Wedding Invitations

With so many beautiful designs, it’s hard to pick a favorite. But I twisted a few arms, and was able to get an answers out of a few members of the design team. I too, had a difficult time just choosing one, but here they are!


One of my personal favorites began as a custom design. Mai, was created for multicultural wedding. The bride and groom wanted an invitation that included both their Indian and Vietnamese roots. The combination of paisley, orchids and lanterns works beautifully, and has quickly become a favorite on both Pinterest and with me.

vietnamese lanterns orchides and paisley motif on red and gold letterpress wedding invitationParikha

For Anni, our head designer, the choice was easy. Parikha was a design that she herself had a hand in creating, and is one that all of us adore. This beautiful peacock feather motif is both realistic and whimsical. The foil version of this design, especially when printed on metallic paper, is truly stunning in its opulence.

gold foil purple paper peacock invitation setHima

Trish also didn’t have to think to hard about her answer. Even though she has had a hand in the creation of most of our designs, her favorite is also a favorite with many of our brides. Hima, an elegant paisley and floral design, is one of our most popular invitation cards with Indian brides. It’s both traditional and elegant, but is also very easily personalized. We have printed this motif in a variety of vibrant color combinations, with foil and also on countless colored papers.

traditional and elegant paisley invitation card

Now that you know some of our favorites, we’d love to hear yours! Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Interested in ordering one of our picks for your special day? Contact us today for a free quote and to get started!

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Colorful Celebrity Engagement Rings

Celebrities have always been trendsetters when it comes to fashion. Everyone wants to know “who” they’re wearing, and finding knockoff versions of red carpet gowns, or designer handbags is becoming easier every year. So with more and more Hollywood sweethearts and celebrities sporting colorful engagement rings, it’s no wonder the trend is taking off.

From vintage to custom made, there is no denying that these celebrity engagement rings are stunning. Even if this trend is not your cup of tea, it’s easy to appreciate the craftsmanship and beauty behind these statement-making sparklers. While some opted for colored accent stones, quite a few chose to forgo the traditional diamond center stone for precious gems like emeralds and sapphires. What is your take on this trend?

Halle Berry emerald engagement ring

Oliver Martinez popped the question to Halle Berry with this hand-forged, yellow-gold ring with a stunning 4-carat emerald center stone, by Paris jeweler Robert Mazlo. Estimated cost? A cool $200,000.


When Brandon Blackstock proposed to singer Kelly Clarkson back in 2012, he did so with a breathtaking 5-carat canary diamond engagement ring, surrounded by a french-set white diamond halo. Estimated cost? $150,000.


Ashlee Simpson’s one-of-a-kind ring is a vintage-inspired piece courtesy of Neil Lane. The 5-carat marquise-cut center stone is surrounded by 140 diamonds and approximately 16 rubies. Cost? Unknown

Kate Middleton's sapphire engagement ring

Princess Kate was proposed to with this sentimental stunner. Formally belonging to Princess Diana, her engagement ring consists of 14 solitaire diamonds surrounding a 12-carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire, set in 18-karat white-gold. Current value? Over $450,000!

Olivia Wilde emerald halo engagement ring

Jason Sudeikis popped the question to Olivia Wilde with a vintage-inspired, yellow-gold engagement ring, with bezel-set round diamond, and an eye-catching emerald halo. Cost? Unknown.

Which of these colorful creations is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Nikita and William’s Letterpress and Foil Wedding Invitations


gold and red custom Indian wedding invitationThis exquisite and romantic paisley design is perfect for a traditional Indian or South Asian wedding. Nikita and William opted to go all out when customizing their wedding invitation suite. By combining two letterpress colors and gold foil stamping, their guests are sure to be blown away. They also chose to print their invitation on double thick, 2-ply paper, giving it a more luxurious feel.

Although we have printed this stunning motif using foil in the past, this is the first time that letterpress and foil have been combined into the paisley design itself.  By opting to customize in this fashion, they have given the invitation a richer and more opulent look.

Digital Indian wedding invitation insert cardsThe bride and groom also chose to include and rsvp postcard and two insert cards into their invitation suite. The horizontal orientation of the cards allow them to stack perfectly into one of our Antique Gold Metallic A9 pocket folders. Pocket folders are a customization option that is available to all of our couples for an additional charge.

Interested in purchasing our romantic paisley design for your special day? Contact us today for a free quote or consultation. Whether you’re in the market for digital, letterpress or foil invitations, we can create a custom invitation that will perfectly fit the feel and theme of your wedding day!

Click on the video below to see how this beautiful invitation was made!

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Custom Anniversary Party Invitations!

Celebrating your love for your partner with your family and friends doesn’t have to end with the “I dos.” An anniversary party is a wonderful way of continuing the celebration of your love, and you don’t have to be married for 50 years to have one.

custom 35th anniversary party plane ticket invitations

Micky surprised Lee for their 35th anniversary with a beautiful party in Southern California. These die-cut, digital save the dates cards came in a beautiful custom, foil-stamped pocket folder.

Whether you’re planning a surprise like Micky did for Lee, throwing a party for your parents or hosting the celebration with your partner, one of the first steps is the invitation. Here at Invitations by Ajalon, we create elegant, top-quality digital, letterpress and foil stamped anniversary invitations that are 100% customizable.

letterpress passport anniversary invitations

Thought the save the dates were beautiful? Micky went all out with these mock passport invitations. The letterpress interior was made all the more stunning with the foil-stamped cover.

No matter what design you opt for, or whether you decide to create a one-of-a-kind motif, we have a design team that can help you turn your vision into a reality. Contact us today for a quote and to get started!

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From Taboo to Trendy – White Bridesmaids Dresses

For nearly two centuries, tradition has reserved the white dress for the blushing bride, but the “newest” trend in wedding fashion has the bride and bridesmaids switching swatches. For 2015, bridal wear is moving towards colored wedding gowns while bridesmaids dresses are going white, cream and ivory.

Queen_Victoria wedding gown

Before Queen Victoria married Albert of Saxe-Coburg in 1840, colored gowns were the typical for the bride. However, once she donned her white lace wedding dress, ladies began to follow suit, and soon white and off-white dresses became the norm.


As for the bridesmaids, even as recently as the 1950’s it was typical to see the bridesmaids wearing white. In fact, tradition has it that bridesmaids were to dress like the bride as a way of confusing evil spirits that meant to do her harm. So not only were their dresses white or off-white, they were often identical to the brides, making this trend more traditional than some might think. So next time your friend or family member tells you you’re turning your nose to tradition, feel free to remind them that Grace Kelly wore white to her sisters wedding. 😉


What a beautiful mix of traditions. Not only did this bride opt for a blush colored gown, she also dresses her bridesmaids in beautiful cream dresses.


This Asian bride still stands out amongst her white and ivory clad bridal party. The fuller bouquet and open neckline differentiate her from her from her ladies.


The slight taupe shade and billowing bottoms of these bridesmaids dresses gives a little more distinction between them and the bride.


Evil spirits are sure to be a little confused by this brides and her bridesmaids. Besides her strapless neckline, the brides dress blends beautifully with her attendants.

To see more stunning bridesmaids dresses in a variety of colors and styles, check out our Pinterest board! In the market for traditional or non-traditional wedding invitation cards for your wedding day? Head over to our invitation gallery and see what we have to offer, and remember, all of our motifs are 100% customizable. See something you like? Contact us today for a free quote!

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Lyndsay and Jeffrey’s Letterpress Wedding Invitations


custom black letterpress wreath monogrammed wedding invitation Cathryn is one of our most popular floral and formal wedding invitation designs. Often printed in a combination of gold foil and black letterpress inks, this motif screams to be customized. Lyndsay and Jeffrey opted to keep it classic and simple by choosing to print in elegant black letterpress for their invitation suite, and customized it by printing the entire three-piece set on 2-ply paper, giving it a more lux feel.

In addition to using thick paper for this invitation, rsvp card and insert card, the bride and groom also chose to add a splash of color and romance with an envelope liner printed with a floral watercolor design that they provided.  This simple addition adds a wow factor that is sure to impress their wedding guests.

Are you interested in placing an order for our Cathryn design for your special day? Contact us today to order samples or to get a quote! And remember, all of our designs are 100% customizable to fit the feel and theme of your wedding day. Whether you are looking for digital, letterpress, foil stamping or any combination of the three, our design team can turn your vision into a reality!

Click on the video below to see how this beautiful invitation suite was made! This is a free service available to all of our brides. :)

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Custom Quinceañera Invitations

Your quinceañera is an important day and should be reflected in the quality of your invitation. All our invitation designs can be digital or letterpress printed, or foil stamped to match the fit, theme and budget of your special day.

digital great gatsby themed quinceanera invitation

Are your planing to an extravagant Great Gatsby inspired quince? Then our Chicago design would be the perfect choice! This art-deco motif looks opulent and elegant when printed in a combination gold and black, gold foil being the most popular choice. However, if foil is outside of your invitation budget, you can get a similar look by printing black ink on gold metallic paper.

digital rose themed quinceanera party invitation

Interested in a slightly more feminine invitation design to go with your romantic Princess, or Fairytale themed quinceañera? Aurora, our rose design, is youthful but elegant. Customize it with a multi-color print or with colored paper to add to your invitation’s opulence.

Indian mandala letterpress invitation for quinceanera

Whether your quinceañera is Bollywood-themed or a masquerade ball, we can help you create the perfect invitation for your party. If you’re interested in ordering from our stunning design gallery, check out our pricing page for a free quote! Looking to create a one-of-a-kind motif for your quinceañera invitations? Contact us today to schedule a free over-the-phone or in-person consultation today!

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Custom Bilingual Wedding Programs

If you are hosting a multicultural wedding, a great way to insure that all of your guests feel a part of the celebration, is by providing them with bilingual wedding programs. This is a fantastic option if your ceremony incorporates traditions from both of your cultures, as some traditions may not be familiar to all in attendance.

digital-Indian-bilingual-wedding-programClick here to see more of Jasmin, our Indian mehendi inspired design.

While designing your bilingual wedding programs, you can also choose to add one or more of our customization options. For no additional charge, you can incorporate any of our gallery motifs, choose to include religious symbols from our extensive list, pick your perfect fonts, and select inks that fit the feel and theme of your ceremony.

digital-bilingual-wedding-programClick here to see more of Zena, our elaborate, floral, baroque inspired motif! 

If you’d like to continue to customize your programs, we have a variety of other options that include foil stamping, over 150 colored papers, custom artwork, round cornering and more. All of these options are upgrades and can be included for an additional charge.

indian-bilingual-wedding-programsClick here to see more of Sindhu, our romantic Indian paisley design!

Your bilingual wedding programs can also be formatted in a number of ways. Single cards, booklets, folded cards, double sided cards, and more are all available to you for your special day. If you are hosting an outdoor wedding, a great option is a program fan that can help keep your guests cool during your ceremony.

digital-fall-wedding-bilingual-programsClick here to view more of Autumn, our maple leaf motif! 

If you’re interested in ordering bilingual wedding programs for your upcoming nuptials, contact us today for a quote and to get started. If you are also looking to order your wedding invitations though us, be sure to mention the Wedding Day Special and get 10% off all of your wedding day stationery, including programs, menus, place cards, escort cards and more!

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Olivia and Augustus’ Letterpress Wedding Invitation


gold-vintage-rustic-letterpress-lace-inspired-wedding-invitationMarissa is a formal and classic invitation design. An intricate, vintage, floral inspired motif frames your wedding monogram, and makes this invitation truly timeless.

Olivia and Augustus opted to add to the elegance of this design by printing their invitation and rsvp card in Pantone 7551, a soft yellow-gold. They also chose fonts (Helinda Rock for the names and Baskerville Old Face for the body) that pair nicely with the graphic elements of the invitation.

If you are taken by this design like Olivia and Augustus were, feel free to contact us today for a free consultation and quote! Remember, all of our designs are 100% customizable and can be printed digitally, with letterpress or you can add a touch of opulence to your invitation with some sparkling silver, yellow gold, rose gold, copper or colored foil.

Click on the video below to see how this beautiful invitation was made! 

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